Basic Four Week Workout Plan for a Fit, Muscular Physique

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

An average workout plan is 3 months long to achieve desired results. But this does not mean shorter programs are less effective. According to fitness experts, you don’t have to complete a 12-week program to achieve a fitter, toner frame. You can work out for as short as 4 weeks to achieve the same results. Of course, that means you’ll have to work twice or even thrice as hard to sculpt your body!

Do note that 4-week programs aren’t recommended to beginners. Fitness experts recommend accelerated workouts like these to anyone with advanced fitness skills. Below is a basic four-week fitness plan to help you stay in shape:

Week 1: Whole-Body Workout

Targeted exercises are best left at the latter part of the workout. During the first week, you will focus on whole body workout. We recommend training for three days using just a single exercise per body part in every session. Don’t forget to get enough rest in between workout to condition the body. For instance, schedule your workout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Don’t work out on Saturday and Sunday to recover.

Initially, you need to use a collective of basic exercises during the first week. You can use advanced lifting at the end part of the program. The reason for this is that you need to achieve long-term gains to build strength and grow muscles. Start with a three set of every exercise per workout, with nine sets total for every body part.

Week 2: Split Training

On the second week of your training, you can move on to split training. At this point, you are ready to train different body parts with a 2-day training split. You should train a total of four days during the second week. For example, do lower body days on Tuesdays and Fridays then a two upper-body workout on Monday and Thursday. The key is to train each body part twice. Your recovery days should be set during Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Do note that you can tone and engage various body parts in different angles. For example, you can perform compound movement and isolation exercise to tone the chest. This way, you are targeting different muscle groups in one body part in a single session.

Week 3: Push and Pull

On your third week of working out, move forward on a three-day training split. At this point, train all the pushing body parts on the first day then activate the pulling body parts on the second day. The pushing body parts are the chest, triceps, and the shoulders while the pulling body parts are the biceps and back. On the third day, work on your lower body. You’ll have to hit the gym 6 times per week to train every body parts twice.

Week 4: Pump It Up

On the last leg of your workout, you want to intensify your training. At this point, you will train 4 days in a 4-way split to tone and strengthen every body part just once.

A 4-way split may overwhelm beginners so this routine is reserved to expert lifters. You will train fewer body parts per workout so you can increase the reps for maximum muscle hypertrophy. You need to increase your training volume by adding more sets to individual exercise, up to 5 more sets per larger body parts. The point is to overload the muscles to accelerate growth.

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