Basic Gymnastic Ring Exercises You Can Do At Home

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

It takes a certain level of skill and discipline to work out using gym rings. Gym ring exercises will build a powerful upper body. It improves flexibility and balance. It promotes better coordination and boost muscle strength! Working out using gym rings will take you out of your comfort zone. Using gym rings is challenging but fun too! Curious about trying out this workout? Below are basic gym ring exercises you can add to your at-home fitness routine:

Body Row

This exercise will build endurance and muscle power. The body row is best for newbies who can’t do pull-ups just yet. Start by laying on the floor. The rings should be shoulder-width apart and about an arm’s length apart. Position yourself in one tight line, tuck the ribs in and grip the rings with your hands. The shoulder must be depressed and retracted before you pull yourself up. Now, raise your body as one unit towards the ring in a slow, deliberate motion.

Leg Raises

With the gym rings positioned overhead, grab the rings then extend the body fully from the arms to the toes. As you hang in this position, bring the knees as high as you can. Curl the lower back as you bring the knees closer to the chest.

Hold With External Rotation

Perhaps the basic yet most essential in gym ring training. This exercise will train the arms, shoulders and torso. Start by getting on the rings with the arms by your sides. Keep your hands externally rotated with the palms facing out toward the front of the body. This position will move the shoulders forward. But you can adjust by protracting or depressing the shoulders. Hold the position for several seconds. It will be hard to maintain the position. But the movement will boost arm strength. The longer you maintain the position, the stronger the arms will become.

Twisting Ring Pull-up

The twisting ring pull-up will refine your skills and improve arm strength. Start with a false grip with external rotation as you hang from the gym rings. Now, keep the shoulders depressed and retracted before you pull yourself up. Slowly, pull yourself up then bring the elbows close together. Pull the rings toward the chest. Sustain the false grip then keep the hands moving in tightly towards the chest.

Gym Ring Pushup

This is a variation of the traditional pushup using gym rings. It will improve overall body strength and boost endurance.

Start by assuming the support position, prop an elevated stool for the feet. You can use a barrel or a wooden chest. The rings should be turned out while the arms are free from the straps. The body should be in a horizontal position. Slowly level the body face down above the floor. Keep the arms close to the sides. Maintain the position as long as you can.

Ring Dip with External Rotation

Again, assume a false grip with external rotation as you hang from the rings. Just like the twisting ring pull-up, the shoulders have to be depressed and retracted before you pull. Now with slow, deliberate movement, pull yourself up then bring the elbows closer. Pull the rings towards the chest then maintain the false grip. Now, keep your hands moving in tightly towards the chest.

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