Benefits of Exercising Before Sunrise

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

If you think exercising after working hours is better than an early morning exercise, think again. There is scientific evidence that early morning exercise yields better, more consistent results than exercising later in the day.

There is no better way to start the day than with the heart pumping and the blood flowing. In today’s post, we are giving you 6 reasons why you should start exercising before sunrise:

Reduces Food Cravings

Incredibly, early morning workouts helps curb cravings. In an experiment conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University, 18 normal weight and 17 clinically obese women were tracked for two full days. On the first day, they worked out for 45 minutes. Their fitness routine was brisk walking on a treadmill. They looked at 240 photos, 120 of which were food. Researchers monitored their food intake as well as their activity level for the day.

On the second day, the women were shown the same images but this time without exercising. Their food intake, as well as their activity level for the day, were recorded once again. Researchers concluded that both normal weighted women and obese women have lower brain image response to food photos when they worked out for 45 minutes compared to not working out at all.

More Free Time

When you work out early, you don’t have to worry about fitting exercising into your busy lifestyle. Busybodies have very little time to complete all the things they need done for the day. Your fitness routine shouldn’t get in the way of your work or home life. Working out in the morning gives you more free time to do whatever it is you need to do later in the day.

Boosts Motivation

You feel more motivated to develop a healthy body when you work out early in the morning too. And when you do, you will see better results. According to health experts, you feel less distracted when you work out before sunrise. And this gets you even more motivated to achieve your fitness goals. When you are more motivated, you will stick to your routine.

Energizes the Body

Waking up to work out early kicks the body into high gear. The heart becomes stronger, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the organs and tissues. When you work out early, the body works at its peak and this keeps you energized. You feel less sluggish at work, you are more alert. Once you’re done working out, you are more focused on getting everything done more efficiently.

Short and Long-Term Brain Benefits

Exercising doesn’t just keep the body fit, it also keeps the brain healthy. Research shows that working out – especially in the morning – provides long-term and short-term health benefits. Exercising boosts cognitive function and memory recall. It also improves energy, allowing you to take on your day with ease. Exercising also wakes up the brain more efficiently than a cup of coffee.

Feel More Refreshed, Calm

An early morning run invigorates the body and calms the mind. It helps that there is no crowd or traffic before sunrise too. When you work out in the morning, you are more focused on being healthy.  You can work out peacefully without being distracted by outside stimulus.

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