Best Exercises for a Powerful Grip

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

It’s important to build powerful grip to lift weights or perform intense exercises like deadlifts or pull-ups. A powerful grip translates to stronger muscles. Unfortunately, common gym tools like straps or weight-machine-based workout do not increase grip strength! In today’s post, we are giving you effective exercises that will train those hands for a powerful grip!

Pinch Grip

The pinch grip is performed by setting up two or more plates smooth sides out. Then, lift them off the floor in a pinch grip. You can start off with four sets of 10 reps or two sets of 25 reps. Once you are able to clock in more reps, it’s a sign that your grip is improving.

Two Hand Plates

Start by placing two plates together with the smooth sides out. Now, run a pipe through the center hole of the plates and add more weight to the pipe. Carefully lift the pipe in an overhand grip to lock out. Now, you can perform this exercise two ways: per rep or time yourself. Either way, make sure to adjust the device to increase your grip strength.

Towel Training

Gripping something thick helps increase grip strength too. You can use any towel to train your hands for a crushing grip. For example, get a towel and loop it over a bar before performing pull-ups. You can also loop the towel on a kettlebell to improve your grip. For any exercise that requires holding a bar, thicken the handle to train your grip!

Plate Curls

To perform a plate curl, hook your thumb on the edge of a 25 pound plate. Make sure to support the plate with your palm and straight fingers. Now, perform a curl using the plate. Keep the wrist and fingers from buckling to prevent injuries. Although plate curl is the most basic of all grip training exercises, it’s also the most difficult to perform.

Inverted Dumbbell Lift

Dumbbell training varies in difficulty because they come in different shapes, finish, and sizes. Get a 30 to 40 pound dumbbell and let it stand up on its head. Now, try to lift the dumbbell with just one hand on top with a claw grip. Lift the dumbbell in reps. Once you get accustomed to the weight, try lifting it without counting the reps.

Rope Training

Put a rope or a towel on a T-Bar row and perform pull-ups. Do as many pull-ups as you can. Rope training helps condition the arm muscles and keep the heart pumping at the same time. What’s more, this exercise hits the grip and forearms at the same time.

Tips and Factors to Consider Before Training

Stop using wrist straps or grip tools in the gym. These accessories will only weaken your grip. So, challenge yourself. Start by training your forearms. Lift weights until you can hold them without any assistance. Once your grip improves, you will be able to lift more weights and challenge your body to overcome more intense stimulus for growth!

Also, complete the full range of motion slowly. Make sure the movement is slow and controlled. Do not let gravity do all the work!

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