Blast Those Arms with This Fitness Plan

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Building boulders of muscles on the biceps and triceps aren’t easy. To achieve results, you’ll have to steadily target the arms for weeks. You’ll have to increase the volume and intensity of your workout to achieve muscle definition too! In today’s post, we are giving you a basic plan that will take you a step closer to toned, powerful arms:

Day 1

Close grip incline bench press
weighted chin-up
Neutral grip bench press
Inverted row
Feet-Elevated Pike Pushup

Assuming that you’ve already warmed up for at least 5 minutes, set the adjustable bench on a 30 to 40 degree incline. Lie on the bench then start lowering the bar off the rack into the upper chest. Then, push the feet hard into the floor and press up as the bar touches the torso. Do at least 5 sets (5 reps) close grip incline bench press. Next, move on to weighted chin-up. Attach a weight around the waist, and then perform 5 sets (5 reps) of chin-up.

Then, complete 6 sets (4 reps) of grip bench press. Grab the dumbbells, lie on a bench then squeeze the shoulder blades down and together. Now arch the lower back, moving the weights at the sides of the chest with your palms facing each other. Press the weights over the chest.

After the grip bench press, move on to the inverted row. Lie underneath a bar then grab it with an overhand at more than shoulder-width apart. Let the body hang under the bar then squeeze the shoulder blades together. Pull yourself up straight until the back contracts fully. Do 4 sets of 6 reps. Finally, complete your workout with feet-elevated pike pushups.

Day 2 Exercise

Assisted Wide-Grip Pull-up
Medicine Ball Clench Pushup
Plank to Pushup Sets
One-Arm Reverse-Grip Row
California Curl

Start by completing 4 sets (12 reps) of pull-ups. With more than shoulder-width apart, attach an elastic band on the bar and stand in the loop then perform the classic pull-ups.  Move on the medicine ball clench pushup. Place the medicine ball on the floor. Go on all fours into a pushup position. Grip the ball with your hands and fingers pointing downwards. Lower your chest into the ball to push down then push up. Rest for 45 seconds after each set.

Then, perform as many planks to pushup sets as you can. Get into a plank position with the elbows parallel to the shoulder. Raise one arm up then plant the hand down the floor, then the other. Lower yourself back down and repeat.

After the planking, complete three sets (ten reps) of one-arm reverse grip row. Make sure to alternate between right and left hand and perform without resting.

Finally, get an elastic band and loop it on a solid object close to the floor, just about 3 feet behind you. Take an end in each hand; allow pulling the arms slightly behind the hips. Curl the band up both arms and hold the position for one second. Perform the overhead triceps extension after every set of the California curl.

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