Can Chocolate Affect the Speed of Your Metabolism?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Chocolates aren’t exactly known to be diet-friendly but some studies suggest that your favorite sweets may actually help you lose weight.

Chocolates are popular because of its pleasant taste which makes it quite addictive. When you eat chocolates, the brain releases hormones that uplift the mood, creating a sense of euphoria. But there’s more to chocolate than just a sweet treat; it may actually speed up your metabolic rate.

But before we go down the nitty-gritty, it’s important to learn how your metabolic rate works and why it’s so important in losing weight.

The Concept of Metabolism

Your body has the ability to process food and turn it into fuel by burning calories. As you do physical tasks every day, your body will burn off calories. The speed in which your body is able to burn off calories is called metabolic rate. Some people have faster metabolic rate while those with thyroid conditions, have slow metabolic rate. The thing with our metabolic rate is it’s not constant. Sometimes your body will burn off calories at a much faster pace and sometimes the rate is slower. So just because you have a slow metabolism doesn’t mean you’ll stay overweight for the rest of your life. You have the ability to speed up your metabolic rate through diet and exercise.

That’s right: certain types of activities can speed up your metabolic rate — and the same goes for a variety of foods. One such food is chocolate.

Chocolate: The Superfood

Chocolate belongs to a class of nutrient-rich food called superfood. But not all chocolates are created equal. Only organic chocolates that are made from natural ingredients are considered part of the superfood category.

When you eat the right kind of chocolates, your body will start generating healthy types of fats. The body will also take in health-giving nutrients from organic chocolates and these substances keep the organs healthy. Dark chocolates, in particular, contain vitamins and minerals that keep the heart healthy! All the essential components that make organic chocolates so nutritious work together to boost the body’s ability to burn off more calories. And this will inevitably lead you to lose weight.

Eating Chocolate for Better Health

Now that you know there’s more to chocolates than meets the eye, you can add it to your diet! But don’t eat a bar of chocolate in one sitting! The key towards consuming healthy amounts of chocolate is moderation.

Start by replacing your snacks with organic chocolate. It won’t make you gain weight as long as you eat high-quality, all-natural chocs and not the kind you see from the local grocer! The chocolate bars you see in the local grocer tend to contain artificial flavorings and synthetic additives. They are not beneficial to the health at all.

Chocolates work to keep the body healthy and excess weight off by suppressing the appetite. Sometimes we feel hungry because our glucose level is low. By replenishing your supply of glucose from healthier sources like organic chocolates, you satiate your craving for sweets without overdoing it.

Dark chocolates also contain antioxidants that protect healthy cells from oxidative damage! Oxidative damage is the precursor to most diseases and disorders.

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