Can Genes Affect Weight Loss and Fitness?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Ever wonder how you keep gaining weight despite doing almost everything right? Are some people predestined to become fat while others are genetically gifted to maintain their figure despite their enormous appetite?

According to several scientific researches, our genetic makeup plays a minor role in fitness and weight loss. Also known as “fat genes,” some people are more likely to gain weight than others. And to understand how the fat genes operate, you need to understand how your genes affect your body.

Your Genetic Makeup

Our body is made up of genes. These are molecules that make up our DNA. Each set of molecules is meant to create certain types of proteins. These proteins dictate what our cells have to do to keep the body healthy. This is why you have bone cells that regenerate to develop stronger bones or muscle cells that regenerate to create more muscle fibers.

All living things have genes. But a person’s DNA setting is unique. The variability of programming affects every physiological activity within the body. This is why some people are born with more lean muscles while others are prone to developing fat.

But here is the thing, although your genes play a minor role in your weight, how your genes express themselves could be entirely up to you. Science hasn’t uncovered how a person’s genetic makeup affects his weight so the concept itself is not fully understood. However, according to Howard Eisenson, MD, the executive director of the Duke Diet & Fitness Center, a person’s genetic makeup can affect 50% to 70% of a person’s weight variability. But Dr. Eisenson said no one is impervious to obesity. He clarified that those who have the fat genes have to work extra hard to control their weight. And once they lose weight, they will work harder to keep the pounds off.

What Fitness Experts Say About Fat Genes

While most scientists are baffled how genes play a role in weight loss or weight gain, most fitness experts believe the concept is a hoax. Some fitness experts believe the whole fat genes debacle is just an excuse for lazy people to forgo exercising. At this point, the idea of having skinny or fat genes remains a speculation because it lacks scientific proof.

Ways to Keep the Weight Off

If you suspect that your body is working against you, what can you do to lose weight? Consider these tips:

Be Motivated

To reach your goals, you have to stay motivated. This applies to losing weight too. As long as you are willing to make that lifelong commitment to maintaining a slender figure, not even genes can stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

Weight Training

To reduce fat under the skin, you have to tone the underlying muscles. And you can do that through weight training. Weight training helps tone, sculpt and add muscle definition. The result? A svelte figure!

Exercise Regularly

You can’t maintain your figure if you don’t exercise regularly. If you’re just starting out, a 30-minute workout is enough to burn off more calories. The average time you have to spend working out should be one hour daily. If your schedule does not permit daily workouts, exercise at least thrice per week.

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