Casein Protein: Facts, Types, and Benefits

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Casein protein is the component of animal milk proteins. It’s roughly 80% of the total protein content of milk. Casein protein is prized for its weight loss benefits because it’s slow burning. Casein protein is also insoluble at lower pH. When exposed to stomach acids, it starts coagulating that triggers a slow, sustained rise of plasma amino acids. This is the reason why casein protein offers longer lasting anti-catabolic properties than whey protein.

Types of Casein Protein

There are two different types of casein protein: Alpha S1 and S2 Beta and Kappa

Alpha S1 and S2 Beta

Virtually all types of American, European and Australian cows produce milk with A1 casein. French, African and Asian cows produce milk with A2 casein. Of all animal milk, goat milk contains similar A2 casein concentrations as human milk. This is the reason why some lactose intolerant individuals are able to tolerate goat’s milk more than cow’s milk. The structures of Alpha S1 and S2 are similar with a slight difference in the amino acid sequence. In the amino acid position number 67, Alpha S1 has histidine and casein A2 has proline.

Kappa Casein or K-Cine

K-Casein is found in all mammalian protein. This compound is essential in cheese making because of its ability to split the milk to coagulate and curdle.

Benefits of Casein Proteins

Muscle Growth

One of the reasons why casein protein is a popular additive to bodybuilding products is its ability to boost muscle growth. Studies show that bodybuilders who took casein protein products and combined with heavy resistance training outperformed those who were given a combination of whey, BCAAs, and glutamine supplement. Over the course of the 10-week study, bodybuilders who took casein reported the greatest gains in lean, fat-free mass.

Burn off More Fat

Want to burn off more fat and achieve a leaner, more muscular physique? Start taking products enriched with casein protein. Netherlands researchers found that multiplying casein intake by two and a half times helped increase metabolism among participants. Those who took casein supplements also experienced better sleep, increased satiety level and improved their overall fat balance!

More Power

Almost anyone who works out wants to achieve power and improved strength. Fortifying your fitness routine with casein supplements will help you achieve just that and more! A  Massachusetts study reports that individuals who took casein supplements doubled their strength on the legs, chest and shoulders compared to those who only took whey protein. According to researchers, casein protein’s anti-catabolic abilities are the reasons behind its power-boosting potentials.

Boosts Performance

Casein protein has a unique ability to deliver a steady stream of amino acids to the bloodstream. And it does so for several hours. Drinking a glass of casein-rich milk before bedtime promotes muscle repair and growth. Thanks to the steady supply of amino acids, the muscles stay strong, flexible and powerful. All these translate to better endurance and performance.

Promote Weight Loss

Casein protein is associated with gaining weight and building muscle mass. But it may also aid in weight loss according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. During the study, two diets were compared – one with 10% energy intake from casein and another with 25% energy intake from casein. Those who took higher casein supplements showed increased satiety and energy expenditure. Researchers concluded that higher casein intake could improve the body composition and aid in weight management.

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