Permanent Makeup: Important Factors to Consider Before Getting One

Permanent makeup refers to several procedures to enhance certain parts of the face. It requires a process called micro-pigmentation. This process involved a tattoo pen to inject ink into the skin. Permanent makeup can be applied on the lips as a lip liner or lipstick, on the eyebrows and as eyeliner. This procedure can also create permanent cheek blush or …

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Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid in Shampoos

Commercial shampoos promise soft, shiny, lustrous tresses, but some of these products contain chemicals that are toxic to the health. Unfortunately, almost all shampoo brands are guilty of using dangerous compounds in their bath products. When shopping for a shampoo, make sure to avoid any of these toxic compounds: Cocamide DEA Foamy shampoos are often preferred by most people, but …

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How Different Types of Water Affect Your Hair

Ever wonder why your hair seems to respond well to certain types of water? How at times the hair becomes inexplicably slimy and other days, it’s so frizzy and dry? Tap water is often treated with chemicals that may affect the structure of your hair. And in today’s post, we are listing down the most common types of water, how …

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Factors to Consider Before Dyeing the Eyebrows and Lashes

Your lashes and eyebrows match your natural hair color. But for those who love to change their hair color, the eyebrows and eyelashes should be tinted to match the dyed hair. Also, if you are naturally blond, then your eyelashes and eyebrows would be so white, they’re almost invisible. That’s why eyebrow and lash tinting is so popular. It allows …

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How to Whiten Skin Naturally

Are you suffering from dull, dark and uneven skin? Hyperpigmentation is caused by sun exposure, stress, poor lifestyle choices and environmental pollution. Using chemical-based beauty products could also lead to dark, blotchy skin. The good news is, you can restore the natural luminosity of your skin using ingredients you can find at your pantry. Enjoy clearer, flawless skin by using …

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Unusual Notes in Men’s and Women’s Perfume

Although men’s and women’s perfume differ greatly, they contain cocktails of notes that give each product a distinct fragrance. And sometimes, these notes are bordering on bizarre! If you’re tired of wearing the same old scent and you want to mix it up, consider our list of men’s and women’s perfume with very unusual mix of notes: Singed Rubber and …

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Vintage Engagement Ring

A vintage engagement ring is a unique, beautiful jewelry that should be at least 50 years old. And though most pawnshops sell vintage engagement rings, you have to pour a lot of time and effort looking for the perfect design for the love of your life! If you’re ready to make that lifetime commitment, then it’s important to know what …

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Hydrating Ingredients for Your DIY Deep Conditioner

While you can always use a store-bought conditioner to bring life back to lackluster tresses, using 100% natural ingredients do a better job at keeping the hair healthy! And with DIY deep conditioners, you have total control over the quality of the ingredients you use. Even better, you’re assured that you’re not putting chemicals on your already-damaged hair. If you …

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The Risks of Getting a Belly Button Piercing

A belly button piercing is one way to look edgy but have you considered the risks involved in piercing the navel? Unlike other body parts, the navel has hidden folds that are prone to infection. Instead of improving your look, a belly button piercing could end up giving you daily annoyances! Before you go ahead and get a belly button …

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