The Best Gym Equipment to Own

An average gym features dozens of gym equipment, some work better than the others. So how do you know which gym tools will help take your fitness routine to a whole new level? Continue reading below to find out: Treadmill A treadmill is a staple in most gyms. This gym equipment helps simulate walking and running. The machine allows you …

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The 4 Different Types of Exercise Bands

An exercise band is a type of rubber band that can be manipulated in different ways to perform exercises. The bands provide ample resistance to engage different muscle groups. Exercise bands come in an array of resistance levels, lengths, colors, and shapes. Some types of exercise bands are simply shaped as loops so you can wrap it around the body …

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The Best Types of Flooring for a Home Gym

Why pay hundreds of dollars each year for a gym membership when you can transform any unused space in your home into a gym? A home gym allows you to work out and achieve your goal weight at the comfort and privacy of your own home! One of the most important design elements to consider when building a home gym …

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5 Simple Rules for Optimum Health

There are so many misleading information about achieving optimum health and fitness. We live in an information-loaded world that it is hard to identify fact from fiction. To achieve better health, it’s best to stick to simple rules. Simple rules will definitely simplify your life. In today’s post, we are listing down tips to help you stay healthy forever: 1. …

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4 of the Best Exercises to Prep the Body for Pregnancy

A fit, healthy body is important, more so if you are planning to conceive. Apart from eating balanced meals and leading a healthy lifestyle, you want to exercise regularly to blast fat and increase your chances of getting pregnant. To prep your body to motherhood, we highly recommend these fat-busting exercises: 1. Plié Squats The squat is the perfect low-impact …

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Sculpting Washboard Abs with an Abs Roller

An abs roller is a type of fitness equipment that builds core strength and promotes muscular density in the midsection. The roller features a large wheel in the middle of two handlebars. The device works by gripping the handlebars and rolling up and down on a flat surface in a slow, deliberate motion. The motion effectively isolates and engages the …

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Building a Strong, Lean Physique Through Sprint Interval Training

Sprint interval training is a type of high-intensity interval training or HIIT. This training involves a series of low and high-intensity exercises followed by periods of rest. As the name implies, sprint requires sprinting at a certain distance then walking back to the starting point. The sprinting is the intense exercise while the walk back serves as the resting period. …

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Dealing with Stress Through Massage Therapy

For most people, dealing with stress is something they have to deal with every day. Modern living means living a fast-paced lifestyle and this can contribute to stress. Stress is a biological reaction is rooted to our body’s flight or fight response. This occurs when stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline flood the system during stressful situations. The fight or flight …

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Time-Tested Fitness Strategies for a Healthy Body

It’s one thing to have the motivation to stay fit, it is another to lay out a fool-proof plan to help you stay in shape. After all, there is more to developing a fit physique that spending hours at the gym! In today’s post, we are listing down proven fitness strategies to ensure a fit, healthy body: Setting Realistic Goals …

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