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White Fruit: A Natural Way to Reduce the Risk of Stroke?

Can eating fruit help to reduce the risk of stroke? According to a study published in the journal Stroke, eating certain kinds of fruits may lower the risk of having a stroke, one of the most common causes of disability and death in the United States. Eating Fruit to Reduce the Risk of Stroke Not all fruits are the same …

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Six Unhealthy Foods Made Healthy

For many people, giving up some of their favorite foods is the hardest part of losing weight. However, it is entirely possible to continue enjoying these foods even on a weight loss diet. The trick is to simply create healthier versions of them. 6. Pizza Pizza is one of the greatest adversaries of weight loss; a mass of bread and …

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4 Benefits of fruit juices

Fruit juices are the staple diet for all health conscious people around the globe. They are tasty, easy to make and gives instant energy. They are also recommended by health professionals and trainers worldwide. Fruit juices are being consumed since ages starting from wine production. However, lately, with the introduction of fruit powders, the consumption of artificial fruit juices has risen phenomenally. Theartificial powder …

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Positive Effects Of Eating Grapes

Grapes are a remarkably healthy food, whether one eats green, red, or purple versions of this popular fruit. They are one such food, and aside from helping you toward your diet goals, grapes provide a significant amount of nutrition to your body. Do not hesitate to make them as a part of your die, but if you have amedical condition, consult with …

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How to Have a Healthy, High Energy Breakfast

Breakfast is the time to get that much needed energy boost to handle the challenges of the upcoming day. That’s why it’s so important to choose breakfast foods wisely. If you choose the wrong foods, or worse yet, eat nothing for breakfast, you’re almost guaranteed to hit a midday energy slump. The key to a productive day is to eat …

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Cooking Healthier Meals for Your Kids

Obesity and metabolic diseases are prevalent among kids these days. Instilling healthy eating habits as early as possible can help lower the risks of dietary imbalances, most especially obesity. In order to start your child’s journey to healthy eating habits, you might want to introduce healthier versions of common meals at home. Here are four ways to cook healthier meals. …

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How to Increase the Good Bacteria in Your Intestines

Although bacteria often get a bad rap for causing disease, certain bacteria found in the gut  perform the useful function of keeping the bad bacteria that cause disease under control, thus reducing your risk of becoming ill. Some good gut bacteria are even thought to play a role in preventing and treating certain types of digestive disorders such as irritable …

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Why a Broccoli Supplement Is No Substitute for the Whole Food

Broccoli is a polarizing vegetable. In surveys, broccoli tops the charts as one of the top three favorite vegetables Americans love to munch on right after potatoes and corn. But there are still plenty of people who despise the taste of this green, crunchy vegetable and refuse to put it on their plate. Broccoli Supplements: Are They a Good Substitute …

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Is Butter or Margarine Healthier?

No one wants to eat a dry piece of toast – but there’s a lot of confusion as to what’s best to put on it. Is butter or margarine healthier – and which should you choose? Which is Better Butter or Margarine? Neither choice is ideal. Both contain ingredients that aren’t part of a heart-healthy diet. On the other hand, …

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