Eat Dark Chocolate for Sweeter Sex

We all love chocolate! It’s sweet and can be found anywhere. It’s one of the best comfort food (unless you are allergic) there is. In fact, it is one of those foods that many people love. There are many kinds of chocolate out there but dark chocolates have proven to be the best and can greatly give you the best …

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Tips for Taking Control of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating may sometimes be pictured as a girl binging on food after her heart was broken by some guy she really liked. Although these pictures may sometimes look funny and ridiculous, it does happen in real life. There are real people out there who do emotional eating and it doesn’t only happen when they are heartbroken. Now if you …

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How to Heal Your Thyroid Naturally

Go Gluten Free! A gluten-free diet is a great way to heal the thyroid and minimize the likelihood of aggravating your condition. One of the most common thyroid problems is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmunethyroid conditions in which the body attacks the thyroid tissues as if it were a foreign invader. Unfortunately, certain foods in our diet can worsen the symptoms …

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Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Wheat Allergy

Wheat is potentially dangerous to those who suffer from an allergy to this. Although wheat is considered to be one of the best foods out there, not all of us can eat this. What is wheat allergy? What causes it? Can it be prevented? If you are asking these kinds of questions then this article can help you with that. …

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How Turmeric Can Keep You Out of the Doctor’s Office

You may have used turmeric once or twice while you are cooking but don’t really have a clue on what’s it all about. However, turmeric has proven to be one of the best spices that you can use not only in cooking but for its overall health benefits. Turmeric is a peppery, bitter and warm flavor with a scent that …

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Can We Protect Ourselves from Alzheimer’s disease?

Perhaps you have heard about Alzheimer’s disease or know someone who is suffering from this condition, a bit sad and scary at the same time isn’t it? However before you panic, know that there are many ways to protect ourselves from this disease. What is Alzheimer’s disease? It is a condition that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Its …

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6 Ways to Control Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a great way to release toxins from the body. It cleans out the pores of our skin to keep it clear and fresh looking. Sweating is also our body’s way of cooling down especially when you have done rigorous training at the gym however, excessive sweating is another case. While sweating has its benefits, excessive sweating can be …

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The Four Unhealthy Practices We Do

Today’s lifestyle either too fast or too hectic; we seldom forget to slow down and reflect on where we are and how our health is responding to our daily routine. If you are wondering what’s holding you down then perhaps it’s time to know what you are doing wrong and do something about it. People say “Health is wealth” but …

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Healthy Sleeping Tips That You Should Follow

Having trouble sleeping? Perhaps you are suffering from insomnia? If you do then maybe it’s time to check if you are getting all the sleep that you need and if you are practicing a healthy sleeping routine. Keep in mind that sleeping is essential for a healthy body. A good night’s rest can recharge our cells and help keep our …

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