Weight Loss

What to Avoid When Dieting

When it comes to dieting, we are inundated with information about what we should do while losing weight. But what about diet don’ts? What diet no-nos should we avoid to lose weight healthily? In today’s post, we are listing down all the things you have you to avoid when you are on a diet: Eating Too Fast Eating too fast …

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The 6 Best Smoothie Ingredients for Faster Weight Loss

Smoothies make the perfect meal replacement drinks because they are filling, delicious, and refreshing! Unfortunately, not all smoothie ingredients are created equal. Some are more fattening than others. To ensure a healthy smoothie that promotes faster weight loss, make sure to add any of these low-calorie smoothie ingredients: 1. Frozen Banana Frozen banana is a perennial favorite among smoothie lovers …

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Fasting for Weight Loss: How Does it Work?

Fasting is a type of cleansing method wherein the consumption of food is reduced drastically for a variety of reasons. These reasons could be to detoxify the system, to lose weight, or to prep a patient for an operation. Usually, fasting is done to achieve rapid weight loss. In fact, most rapid weight loss programs are nothing but variations of …

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Perfect Alternatives to Diet Detox

A diet detox purges the system of accumulated toxins to develop a healthy gut while accelerating weight loss, and boosting wellness. But not all people are mentally prepared for diet detoxes! In today’s post, we are listing down excellent alternatives to traditional detox to increase your weight loss potentials: Sauna A sauna is a room is a sealed room designed …

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The Grim Effects of Obesity in Men

Obesity affects millions of children and adults around the globe. 74% of men or 3 in 4 men are considered obese or overweight. According to the World Health Organization, the complications of obesity include diabetes and heart disease.  So how dangerous is obesity in men? Let’s find out: Decreased Infertility Obesity affects the hormones and the entire reproductive system of …

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6 Natural Foods that Promote Faster Weight Loss

Apart from sticking to a healthy diet and leading an active lifestyle, choosing the right foods boosts weight loss. Certain types of foods speed up the metabolic rate and prolong the feeling of fullness. All these lead to gradual weight loss. If you want to take a natural approach to losing weight, here are our recommendations: 1. Extra Virgin Coconut …

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Smart Snacking: The Answer to Healthy Weight Loss

Contrary to popular notion, snacking is not bad to the waistline. When done right, snacking can actually help you lose weight and enhance satiety after every meal. Eating a snack or two between meals curbs hunger. This way, you don’t overeat on your next meal. The key to smart snacking is being selective with the kind of snacks you indulge …

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How to Wean Yourself Off Sodas and Fizzy Drinks for Good

Drinking a soda every now and then seems innocent enough. After all, a can of cola three to four times a week can’t hurt, right? Wrong. Calories from soda add up to the calories you consume from the food you eat. The extra calories will go straight to your hips. Worse, drinking sodas regularly could lead to bad teeth and …

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How a Good Night’s Sleep Promotes Faster Weight Loss

When it comes to slimming down, nothing works as effectively as exercising + dieting. But did you know having a restful sleep every night can also shrink the waistline? So how can catching much-needed zzzs every night speeds up weight loss? Let’s find out: Curbs Late Night Snacking Getting a solid 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night reduces …

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