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Extreme Weight Loss Methods that are Downright Scary

Extreme weight loss methods and diet plans are designed to produce fast results in half the time. Unfortunately, most of these methods are unhealthy or downright scary! Apart from the risks and complications, certain extreme weight loss treatments do not provide lasting results. When losing weight is a struggle, some people go to extreme lengths to achieve a slimmer physique. …

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The 3-Day Perricone Diet: Food for Beautiful Skin

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is an American dermatologist, author, and weight loss expert. He is a respected beauty expert with a full line of skin and cosmetic products. In addition, Dr. Perricone develops various anti-inflammatory diets to achieve youthful, flawless complexion that gets better over time. One of these diets includes the 3-Day Perricone Diet. The 3-Day Perricone Diet promises youthful …

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How Veganism Aids in Weight Loss

Veganism is a strict form of vegetarianism wherein an individual does not consume or use products with animal byproducts. There are many reasons why people turn to veganism, usually to shun the widely-accepted notion that animals are a commodity or for health reasons. Veganism is also one of the most effective methods of losing weight. In today’s post, we are …

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An Overview of the Mayo Clinic 3-Day Diet

3-day fad diets are usually regarded as unhealthy rapid weight loss programs. On the other hand, the Mayo Clinic brand is often associated with evidence-based diets that work quickly but safely. One of the most popular 3-day diets is associated with the Mayo Clinic brand although it has nothing to do with the health-care system in Rochester, Minnesota. Mayo Clinic …

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What are the Benefits of a Saltwater Cleanse?

A saltwater cleanse – also known as a saltwater flush – is a detoxifying cleanse that purges the colon of toxins. This cleanse is part of a diet program called the Master Cleanse. A salt water cleanse involve mixing sea salt with water to a ratio of 1 to 2 tablespoon non-iodized organic sea salt with 1 liter of warm …

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An Introduction to the 3-Day Tuna Diet: Does it Work?

The 3-day tuna diet is a rapid weight loss program that involves a unique combination of food and canned tuna to lose weight. There are conflicting infos in terms of who developed this program. One of the proponents of this program is Dave Draper, a professional body builder. According to Draper, he always sticks to this diet to prepare his …

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Top Benefits of a High Protein Diet According to Experts

The most effective and widely accepted diet program by health and fitness experts alike is a high protein diet. A high protein diet consists of lean protein and modest amounts of carbohydrates. The concept behind a high protein diet is to facilitate fat burning, increase muscle mass while improving satiety. Because protein is high in amino acids, it increases lean …

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The Weight Loss Benefits of Wu Yi Tea

Wu Yi tea is a type of tea grown in the Wu Yi Mountains. Studies show that drinking Wu Yi tea helps improve health and even trigger faster weight loss. The tea is packed with a host of nutrients that improves mental alertness, boosts energy, and facilitates fat burning. In today’s post, we are exploring the amazing weight loss benefits …

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Quick Weight Loss Centers: Is it the Right Weight Loss Program for You?

Weight loss clinics are facilities that offer comprehensive weight loss programs and customized services. These facilities provide individualized programs that do not require exercise. What the program requires is the consumption of herbal supplements and thermogenic concoctions of a specific brand to lose weight. Most dieters are content with sticking to a diet program while others enroll in a quick …

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