Change Your Mindset About Food to Transform Your Shapeminde

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Ever feel like your mind is out to sabotage your weight loss efforts? It’s not your imagination. A warped mindset could be the reason why you come across setbacks on your weight loss efforts. By changing your mindset for the better, you can transform your shape too! How? Consider these amazing techniques:

Mindful Eating to Control Portions

It’s so easy to lose track of the amount of food you eat if you don’t control your portions. But it’s hard to control your portions if your eyes are larger than your stomach! So what do you do? Practice mindful eating. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of watching what you eat, concentrate on the positive changes you get from mindful eating. Learn how to listen to subtle cues from the brain, telling you when to eat and when to stop eating. At the same time, chew your food slowly and use a small plate.

Avoid Skipping Meals to Stop Overeating

Do you habitually skip meals to lose weight only to end up too ravenous that you overeat the following meal time? This is the body’s way of warning you that the blood sugar level has dipped so low that you need food, right NOW. Do not wait until you are absolutely famished before eating. Make it a habit of eating something every mealtime, every bite counts. This way, the blood sugar level of the body remains stable, reducing cravings and overeating.

Healthy Snacks VS Junk Food

Nothing hits the spot like junk food, or so you thought. Don’t think that junk food has the sole ability to satisfy your cravings. Even healthier food choices can satisfy your cravings! You want to condition the brain to start eating better. If you must indulge, find healthier alternatives to fattening foods. For instance, nosh on kale chips instead of potato chips or fries. Go for yogurt or sherbet instead of ice cream. Choose whole-wheat products over white bread, white rice or white pasta.

Looking Deeper into Cravings

Why do you crave a specific food? Instead of judging yourself for overeating, look deeper into your own patterns. Find out what causes the internal battle between your beliefs (such as the food you should not have) and the emotional repercussions of unmet cravings (such as the food you deprive yourself of). For example, some people overeat not because they love food, but because they hate wasting food. When you polish off your plate, the brain is expecting a reward for a job well done. This leads to a vicious cycle of rewarding yourself for your bad behavior.

Transform your mind by looking at food to be enjoyed in small quantities. Develop strategies to avoid setting off the reward trigger in your brain. And when you determine what triggers your brain to want more food, you are likely to become more satisfied with mindful eating.

Healthy Beverage Choices

Artisanal coffee, frappes, sodas and alcohol, all these drinks are loaded with calories. But you seem to be drawn to them. It’s quite possible that you are addicted to sugar. And to solve the issue, look for alternatives to your favorite drinks. For instance, if you love sodas and fizzy drinks, go for seltzer water or chilled water flavored with a wedge of lemon. If you can’t get enough of artisanal coffee and frappes, make one at home once in a while. Whip a special drink as a treat, not as an everyday habit. Use non-fat and low-fat ingredients to cut calories.

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