Common Manicure Issues and How to Fix Them

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

For most people who have no time to have their nails done at a salon, a DIY manicure is the easiest way to keep the nails presentable. But at-home manicures have their own issues too. To ensure a professional-looking manicure,  we are listing down quick fixes to common manicure issues:

Smudged Nail Polish

It happens to the best of us, after carefully laying down the nail color, the still-wet lacquer is smudged! So what to do? The earlier you correct the mistake, the easier it is to fix the issue. Do not wait until the nail polish has dried up to do something about it.

If the smudge is very superficial, just add a layer of topcoat to smooth the surface back effortlessly. But if the smudge is deeper, try licking your fingertip. The smudged spot should smoothen. Finish up by wiping the polish upwards towards the edge of the nail.

Chipped Nail Polish

Generally, nail polishes remain chip-free for 4 days. High quality nail polishes go chip-free for much longer, around 7 to 9 days! That said, some nail color formulas are prone to chipping. To avoid chipping, apply a thin layer of topcoat once every 3 days. But if the chipping occurs anyway, apply another layer of the nail polish. If you do not have the same nail color at home because you had your nails done at the salon, try applying glitter polish and turn the chipped nail polish an accent color.

Removing Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter nail polishes look so fabulous on the nails but they are notoriously hard to remove! The tinfoil trick is the fastest, most efficient method to remove glitter polishes. Just get squares of tin foil, add a piece of cotton soaked with nail polish remover and wrap the tin foil on every nail. Leave the tinfoil on for 5 minutes then remove the polish as usual. The glitter should come off easily.

Hang Nail

Whatever you do, resist the urge to pick at hangnails. Worse, do not rip hangnails off or you will break your skin, exposing your nail bed to infectious microbes. Instead of ripping at hangnails, try using a nail nipper or a clipper to remove the offending hangnail gently.

Bubbles in the Nail Polish

Just when you thought you applied the nail color perfectly, bubbles start forming on the surface of the nail. To avoid bubbles in the nail polish, do not apply nail color in front of an electric fan or an open window. The moving air could cause the nail polish to form bubbles.

Also, do not shake the nail polish vigorously. Instead, you want to roll the bottle in between the palm of your hands to incorporate the color well. It helps if you stick the nail polish in the fridge 10 to 15 minutes before painting your nails. Finally, always keep your nail polish tightly sealed after each use. This way, the nail polish is not exposed to the air. Poorly kept nail polish could turn goopy, making application extra hard. The goopy nail polish increases the chances of bubbles forming too.

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