Complimentary Treatments and Alternative Remedies for Pregnant Women

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Being pregnant means making vast changes in your diet and lifestyle to ensure your baby’s health. But apart from your regular checkups with your doctor, there are holistic therapies that promote better baby development! In today’s post, we are listing down the best complimentary treatments for expecting mothers:


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to heal all sorts of ailments ranging from a common cold to joint problems. In fact, acupuncture plays a central role in traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. Because this is an all-natural treatment, acupuncture is safe to use among pregnant women.

According to TCM, sickness is caused by blocked life force called qi. Qi flows in the body through a complex network called medians. If a median is blocked, an acupuncturist will insert very thin needles on the superficial layer of the skin. The needles help remove the blockage in the median, restoring the natural flow of qi. Acupuncture is perfect for treating back pain, morning sickness, headaches, fatigue, and muscle pain.

Chiropractic Care

Contrary to popular notion, you can enjoy chiropractic care even if you are pregnant. Apart from being 100% safe, chiropractic care is also beneficial for you and the baby. Chiropractors are trained well to help ease back pain and joint pain among expecting women. This treatment is perfect if you suffer from chronic back pain, leg swelling, morning sickness, and pelvic misalignment.

The chiropractor will manipulate and stretch soft tissues to alleviate pain and reduce muscle stiffness. Chiropractic care may also help correct the baby’s position during delivery. This reduces the need for a delivery via C-section.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice that promotes mind and body harmony. Regular yoga enhances the connection between the mind and body, creating inner calm, which crucial if you are pregnant! Yoga helps alleviate stress and anxiety. And for pregnant women, yoga reduces muscle and joint pain, assists in the proper positioning of the baby, and opens up the pelvic area for easier delivery.

Although you can perform regular yoga, signing up for a prenatal yoga class is perfect if you are committed to a healthy delivery. Prenatal yoga is designed for pregnant women suffering from painful lower back, swollen legs, and stiff muscles/joints. A certified instructor conducts the class so you and your baby are in good hands!


Meditation helps promote inner calm. It also alleviates stress and reduces anxiety symptoms. Stress and anxiety are detrimental to your baby’s health. By meditating regularly, the baby can develop properly. The good news is, you don’t have to enroll in a fancy school or sign up for a class to meditate! You can meditate at home and reap all its health benefits without spending a dime. Just find the quietest spot in your home, light a scented candle and play calming or nature tunes. Then, sit on a yoga mat and close your eyes. Visualize all the things you expect after your baby is finally in your arms. Focus on forming a deep bond with your unborn child as you meditate to achieve inner calm.

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