Dangerous Weight Loss Pills

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Healthy weight loss can sometimes seem next to impossible to accomplish. On many occassions dieters will turn to dangerous weight loss pills to help them to reach their ideal weight. However, they rarely consider the risks involved. The following paragraphs will discuss the dangers associated with weight loss pills, as well as discuss the most dangerous ingredients used to produce them.

Dangerous weight loss pills can be very appealing due to the fact that they usual do aid in rapid weight loss. This type of diet medication is most often prescribed to patients who are obese, or extremely overweight. However, before anyone choses this method of weight loss, they should carefully consider the possible risk taking this medication may pose to their health, as well as the possible side effects.

One of the main risks associated with weight loss by using prescribed diet pills is possible dependency. Almost every type of prescription diet pill on the market today is stimulant based and habit forming. Becoming dependant on prescription weight loss medication is common, and one of the major down-falls of choosing it as a weight loss method. Anyone who chooses to take prescribed weight loss pills should have an in-depth consultation with their doctor. Request pamphlets that explain the early signs of diet pill dependency.

Another downfall associated with weight loss is possible metabolism disruption. Dangerous weight loss pills are designed to suppress the dieter’s appetite, thus, reducing the amount of calories he may normally consume in a day. When his calorie intake decreases, eventually his metabolism will slow. As a dieter’s metabolism slows, the total amount of weight they lose will slow, as well.

Finally, there is only so much weight a dieter will lose by using dangerous diet pills as a lone method of weight loss. As stated above, weight loss pills often slow metabolism rates. Once metabolism rates go so low, weight loss will reach a plateau.

In order to achieve healthy weight loss, life style changes are often necessary, even when dangerous diet pills are part of the diet regimen. Dietary changes, along with regular exercise, is the best way to achieve healthy weight loss, although it may not help you achieve rapid weight loss. In addition, dangerous diet pills may help you lose weight quickly, but there are many possible risks associated with them.

Since different brands of weight loss piss have different active ingredients, it is hard to pinpoint the most dangerous ingredient in dangerous diet pills. However, in 1992, over 100 ingredients found in over the counter diet products were banned by the FDA. In addition, a number of diet products were pulled from the shelves shortly after that, due to the increased risk of serious health related issues. Most of these products were pulled from the shelf due to an ingredient called gaur gum. This ingredient was supposed to swell the stomach in efforts to produce a “full” feeling. However, it was discovered that gaur gum, instead, caused blockages in the stomach and throat.

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