Debunking 5 Myths About Cold-Pressed Juice Benefits

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

While juicing is an excellent way to obtain fruit and vegetable-based nutrients, there is a darker side to this seemingly healthy trend. When done correctly, juicing is an excellent way to keep the body healthy. But it can also inhibit the body from maximizing the health benefits of whole veggies and fruits. In today’s post, we are setting the record straight on some of the most persistent myths about juicing:

1. Cold-Press Juicing is 100% Safe

The short answer is no, cold-press juicing isn’t 100% harmless. Consuming nothing but liquefied fruits and vegetables for an extended period can lead to nutritional deficiencies. It’s a good idea to stick to juicing if you’re following a detox program. But don’t extend the program to more than the recommended period.  Also, always check with your doctor first especially if you’re diabetic and hypoglycemic. Juicing could disrupt your blood sugar level and drain your energy. Some fruits are also high in sugar so they are not recommended for diabetics.

2. Juicing Eliminates Belly Fat

Consuming nothing but fruit and vegetable juice for a week could lead to weight loss but the result is only temporary. During the first few days of juicing, you will lose water weight. You will gain this back after you drink any liquid. Within the next few days, you will lose inches off your waist because you are consuming fewer calories. But you will gain the weight back once you return to your regular eating habits. There is no evidence that juicing will help you eliminate that persistent pooch. Only exercise will keep the body toned.

3. All Cold-Pressed Juices are Healthy

No, not all cold-press juices are created equal. The health benefits of cold-press juicing will depend on the ingredients. For example, some juices are too high in sugar or compounds that some people are sensitive to.  Also, some juices lack the nutrients we need for the day, so they’re not considered as a healthier option to meat or protein.

4. Cold-Pressed Juices Energize the Body

While it’s true, you’ll feel energized a few days into juicing, the first couple of days will be a struggle to maintain energy. Since you’re not getting the nutrients the body needs from a healthy diet, you won’t feel energized immediately after switching to juicing. That’s because the body will be screaming for something it grew accustomed to – sugar. The body will go through a withdrawal period from all the excessive sugars and carbs you love so much. As such, you won’t feel good about juicing for the first four days into the program.

5. Juicing Cures Diseases

Fruit and vegetable juices promote a healthy body. This doesn’t mean they can cure chronic diseases. This didn’t stop various juicing programs from claiming that juicing can cure anything from acne to cancer. For one thing, it’s illegal to make such misleading health claims without scientific evidence to back them up. Second, all juice-based health programs aren’t FDA-approved.

Juicing won’t miraculously cure diseases, it will only help you take care of your body. Think of it as a pre-emptive measure against diseases.

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