Debunking Common Laser Treatment Myths

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

From fading scars to hair removal, laser treatments can be used to address various skin issues. As long as a trained and certified skin practitioner under the supervision of the dermatologist conducts the treatment, laser treatment is perfectly safe. Of course, the clinic must have very stringent hygiene standards to reduce the chances of infection and other skin issues.

Although laser treatment is hardly new, most people remained oblivious to its many benefits. It does not help that there are many misleading information about laser treatment floating on the internet. To set the record straight, we are debunking the most common myths about laser treatment:

Myth 1: Laser treatment can cause internal damage

The average depth penetration of laser into the skin is about 1 to 4 mm. The laser only hits the hair follicles and then dissipates. It will not penetrate deeper into the skin so it will not cause burns or internal injuries. As the laser light destroys hair follicles, it will keep the surrounding skin free from damage.

Myth 2: Only rich people can afford the treatment

Although laser treatments are not cheap, they are not unreasonably expensive either. If you consider how much you are spending on hair removing products each year and add it up, completing a series of laser hair treatment becomes less expensive. Once you completed a round of treatment, you’ll only need to take 1 to 2 maintenance sessions in a year. That’s cheaper than spending a lot of money on hair removal products per month.

Myth 3: Laser treatments hurt a lot

Laser hair treatment is definitely not 100% pain-free. But it’s not going to hurt so much that you’d swear off of it. However, if your pain threshold is almost nil, you can ask for an anesthetic cream to numb the affected area prior to the treatment. The cream is particularly useful for treating sensitive parts of the body like the bikini area or the upper lip.

Myth 4: Laser treatments increase the risk of skin infections

No, laser treatments won’t expose you to skin infections because the process itself does not cause open wounds. When the skin is not broken, microbes won’t enter the body and cause infections.

Myth 5: Do not expose your skin under the skin after laser treatment

We recommend wearing a sunblock with at least SPF 50 to keep the affected area protected from the sun’s harsh rays. However, exposing the laser- treated skin under the sun won’t cause skin damage unless it’s been exposed for hours. You just need to wear sunscreen all the time to protect the skin from UV rays and this goes regardless if you went through laser treatment or not.

Myth 6: Laser treatments do not work on dark skin

There was a time when this was a fact, not a myth. But thanks to advancement in laser technology, dark-skinned men and women can enjoy the benefits of laser treatments. In fact, most lasers are approved for use on dark skin. That said, we recommend talking to your dermatologist about how melanin affects the therapy results.

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