Diet and Nutrition through Chemotherapy Treatment

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Cancer is a condition we all dread. In fact, having cancer does not only affect the patient alone but the whole family and loved ones as well. That is why it is important that the patient eat the right food as they go through chemotherapy. This way they have the energy and nutrients that the body needs as it undergoes the procedure. Keep in mind that when one is undergoing chemotherapy, the medications given can kill even the healthy cells in the body. As a result the patient becomes weak and susceptible to bacteria and viruses. That is why it is important that the right diet and nutrition is given to patients who are going through chemotherapy.

Food to eat and avoid

When one is being treated for cancer, it is important to avoid going on a diet that may leave you short on the nutrients that you need. Instead, it is important that they eat a balanced diet and be provided with the right amount of calories and protein in order to keep their strength up during chemo sessions.

So what do you need to eat when you are going through cancer treatment? First of all, juice up; this means you have to replace your instant mixed juice with a 100% all natural fruit and vegetables juices. Make sure that you are getting ones that are organic since some are susceptible to germs. When it comes to bread, make sure to choose whole grains and cereals. Choose meatless meals too; if you want to eat meat, pick something lean like chicken and fish. Avoid eating red meat and processed meats as you are going through chemo. For snacks you can eat carrot sticks, fresh and dried fruits and have a leafy green salad for your dinner. Make sure to full your plate with fruits and vegetables. Limit your sugar intake as well as they are loaded with calories but have little nutrition.

Of course, it is expected that when you are going through cancer treatment that you will lose your appetite in the process. It is normal but since you need to boost your energy as well, you might have to force yourself to eat even if you don’t have the appetite. In order to do that you need to eat small meals throughout your day. Don’t wait until you are hungry; instead, find ways where you can eat small meals. Make sure that you have your favorite foods close too in case you don’t have the time to eat a whole meal. Add something that will make the food appealing to you. It could be a slice of tomatoes, lemons, parsley or anything that could add life to your meal. Choose a high-calorie diet as well. Eating fruits like avocadoes, nuts, beans, cooked cereals and the likes can definitely make the difference.

There are also certain foods that can ease the discomforts of chemotherapy. If you are going through cancer treatment and are experiencing constipation, drinking water and eating high-fiber diet can ease that. If diarrhea occurs, eat bananas, apple or rice. It is also important to be hydrated at all times.

One of the side effects of cancer treatment is dry mouth and mouth sores. When this happens, eating becomes difficult so by pureeing foods will make it easier to swallow. Soups, yogurt and shakes can also help provide nutrition to patients going through chemotherapy.

Nausea is often experienced after a chemo session; this can be remedied by eating bland foods or meals with no strong odors. Greasy foods must also be avoided too as this will only cause vomiting.

Keep in mind that chemotherapy is an awful experience. That is why providing the right food should be important and must be a priority. This way the nutrients loss after the cancer treatment is replaced by new ones. When nutrients are replaced, rapid recovery and healing can follow.

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