Diet Pills VS Exercise

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Maintaining a toned, healthy physique takes a lot of work and discipline. You have to adopt a healthy diet plus exercising several times per week. But some people prefer taking diet pills over exercising. When it comes right down to it, which is more effective as a weight loss aid?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Regular Exercise

Human beings have been exercising as early as 400 BC. Greek physician Hippocrates mentioned fitness as the key to a healthy body. But why should you exercise?


Keeps the Heart Strong

Regular exercise tones and strengthens the muscles. Heart is a muscle. It needs a good workout to keep it healthy! Regular exercise cuts the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also improves blood circulation and releases stress.

Invigorates Both Mind and Body

Working out isn’t just good for the body. It also keeps the mind clear and alert! Exercising releases happy hormones. These hormones alleviate stress and anxiety. It also cuts the risk of depression and other mental disorders.

Keeps the Pounds Off

Nothing beats working out a sweat to slim the body down! Working out decreases stored fat in the body. Stored fat takes up more space than lean muscles. Skinniness does not equate to being healthy! You’re no healthier than an obese person if you don’t bring your body fat down.


Muscle Strain

Too much of a good thing can’t be good for the health. And exercising is no exception. Too much exercise could cause muscle strain. This is true especially if you didn’t do your warm up exercises. Too much exercise could also lead to injury and joint pain. The key is to not over-stress the muscles and joints.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Diet Pills

While there is no magic pill that will melt the pounds away, it’s not stopping some manufacturers from hawking diet pills. Some are made from synthetic materials; others claim to be 100% all natural. Most diet pills come with annoying side effects such as palpitation, diarrhea or mouth dryness.


Effortless Weight Loss

It’s weight loss in a bottle. You don’t have to work out at all. Some diet pills claim that you can lose several pounds even in your sleep.

No Diet Plan

Most diet pills promise one thing: effective weight loss with no diet plan. In short, you lose weight no matter what you eat. Some diet pills are also enriched with vitamins or minerals to boost their nutritional value.


Side Effects

Most dieters who take diet pills complain of different side effects. These side effects range from mild tremors to chronic fatigue. Some say the side effects go away on their own. But there are those who stopped taking diet pills because the side effects are affecting their daily activities.

Serious Health Concerns

Most physicians do not recommend diet pills, particularly to those with a heart condition. There are cases wherein diet pills caused a heart attack or renal failure.

Unsafe Chemicals

Don’t believe what you read on the label. Some brands of diet pills claim to use 100% natural ingredients or are marketed as side effect free but are anything but. It’s best to do your own research first before making a purchase.

So Which is Better For You?

This will depend on what you hope to achieve. If you want to lose weight in the healthiest way possible, work out regularly. If you don’t have the time to exercise then take diet pills instead. If you are concerned about your health or you don’t want to deal with unpleasant side effects, then the choice is clear. Exercising is always better than any diet pill.

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