Dietary Solutions to Get Rid of Man Boobs

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Gynecomastia – also known as man boobs – is a common endocrine disorder that causes enlargement of breast tissues in men. Although gynecomastia has no known cause, this condition could be triggered by hormonal imbalance, obesity, and chromosomal disorders. In order to eliminate man boobs, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The key is to eat foods that will reduce your body fat. This in turn, will minimize the size of your man boobs. Today we are giving you dietary solutions to address droopy man boobs.

Making Better Lifestyle Choices

The best way to eliminate man boobs is by establishing healthier habits. Start by consuming fewer calories every day. This prevents weight gain or obesity. Obesity is one of the most common factors that lead to man boobs. You have to keep the calories down so you can burn off stored fat. This keeps you in a caloric deficit.

Caloric deficit refers to a process of consistently burning off more calories than you take in. This leads to rapid weight loss. That’s because instead of food, your body runs on stored fat. If you keep your body in this state, you will start losing weight. This will reduce the size of your man boobs significantly.

Consuming Nutritional Foods

This might sound like a no-brainer, but healthy foods help prevent man boobs. Start by cutting back on dairy products. That includes low-fat cheeses or milk. Instead, go for whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein. But instead of red meat, go for nuts, fish and poultry for protein. Avoid eating fast foods or greasy, fried foods. Train your body to crave healthy foods instead of high cholesterol dishes or sweets.

Portion Control

To keep your calorie consumption in check, practice control. Portion control, that is! By controlling your portions, you can enjoy healthy foods without feeling deprived. A great method to use is to eat on a small plate. This fools the brain into thinking that you are eating more than you actually are. Visually, this will make you feel fuller for longer too. But if you have a big appetite then nosh on big servings of vegetables and fruits with low glycemic index. This way, your hunger is satiated without the excessive calories!

Knowing the Caloric Limit

Know your limits. Your caloric intake will depend on your age, body weight, lifestyle, fitness and weight loss goals. Men should consume no more than 1,600 calories per day. Women should limit their caloric intake to 1,200. Apart from eating healthy, determine what foods contain “hidden calories.” Cut back on foods made with refined flour or sugar. Eliminate foods with saturated fats in your diet. All these helps keep your caloric intake within the normal range.

Working Out

Apart from adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising will improve the overall appearance of your chest area. We recommend doing a lot of upper body workout to tone the chest and shoulders. Start by doing lots of pushups and bench presses. Cardio workout like aerobics, jogging or walking also help burn off more calories. You can also resistance band to tone the shoulders and build upper body muscles.

Improve Your Posture

Your man boobs will look worse if you keep slouching. Straighten your back and pop your chest out. Sit straight up and keep your spine’s natural curve. This will loosen the muscles in the upper chest area. Visually, this makes man boobs less noticeable.

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