Dining Out? 5 Great Ways Keep An Eye On The Calories

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep your appetite in check when you’re dining out. And even if you are extremely careful with the kind of food you order, here’s a sobering fact: most restaurant food pack in as much as 60% more calories than their homemade counterparts. So how do you eat healthy and keep your calorie consumption in check the next you dine out? Check out these tips:

Do Your Homework

Don’t just guesstimate the total calories of your orders the next time you head out to eat, do a lot of research! Most restaurants post their menu’s nutrition information online. A little online search is all you need to get in-depth information on the kind of food served up at your favorite restaurant. If you dine at the same place frequently, you can also ask your waiter for in-house nutrition brochures. Finally, if you mean business, go online and zero in on at least five restaurants that offer healthy or dieter-friendly food. This way, you can check the calorie or nutrition information of their meals; you can also choose which types of food you want to order in advance to ensure you are well within your calorie limit.

Mind Your Body Cues

It’s difficult to keep an eye on meal portions especially when you’re having a blast eating out with your friends or loved ones. But if you don’t want to hate yourself in the morning, try to eat at a pace that allows your body to give cues that it already had enough. Research shows that it takes 20 minutes before the brain signals the body that it’s full. So eat slowly, savor the flavors, don’t wolf down that deep-dish pizza on your own without thinking!

Delaying Hunger Pangs

We’re all guilty of skipping meals every once in a while and it’s extremely hard to keep your appetite in check when you’re ravenous because skipped breakfast and lunch. You’re likely to overcompensate for skipping meals by the time dinner rolls in. Skipping meals and going about your biz without eating actually slows down the metabolism, making the body hold on to fat cells for dear life. The result? A fat belly. So don’t skip meals, people!

Making Smarter Choices

It’s easy to order all things at once because everything on the menu sounds so dang good. But control yourself! Make smarter decisions when ordering the food to make sure you don’t overeat. Also, try to balance the good with the bad. If you want a little dessert, then try to order healthier, veggie and fruit rich dishes first or vice versa. Don’t order a sinful dinner and pair it with an equally sinful dessert!

Do Damage Control

In a perfect world, we’d be ordering super healthy meals at our favorite restaurant. But let’s get real, that’s not happening on days where we’ve skipped meals, barreled through work like a maniac and found comfort in food. So how do you maintain your figure when you’ve overindulged? Do a lot of damage control the next day. This means increasing your activity levels over the next few days to burn off the extra calories you consumed days before.

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