DIY Tennis Ball Speed Bag

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

A speed bag is a type of punching bag. The speed bag is filled with air then attached to a base on top of a rebound platform parallel to the ground. It’s used to boost a fighter’s punching speed, improve form and boost hand-eye coordination. The speed bag is also used to train a fighter to shift weight between feet correctly as he delivers a punch.

A speed bag is critical to a fighter’s training. However, you don’t have to purchase one. There are several alternatives to a speed bag. As long as you don’t mind being creative with your hands, you can even make your own speed bag at home! In today’s post, we are giving you a step by step guide on making your own speed bag using the following materials:

A tennis ball
parachute rope
old resistance tube
tie straps
2 metal rings


Start by marking the top and bottom of the ball. Get a screwdriver and puncture the marked areas of the ball. Then, heat the tip of the screwdriver and pierce the same place where you punctured the ball. The heat will create a larger, more even hole on the ball.

Cut a four feet parachute rope into two feet. Burn the ends of the two feet parachute rope. This will keep the rope from fraying. After burning the ends, tie the rope ends into a knot. Make the knot as small as possible because it will go through the ball.

Get a large knitting needle and pierce the ball with it from the hole, end to end. Get the knotted parachute rope, attach it on the hooked tip of the knitting needle then just pull the needle through until the rope goes out to the other side of the ball.

To put the knotted end inside the ball, continue pulling and adding pressure on the ball. Once the knot ends up inside the ball, the rope should have even length, end to end.

Now make a knot on the top of the hole using the rope, and another one on the bottom. Get the knots as close to the ball as possible. The knots will prevent the ball from slipping unevenly as you punch.

Get the remainder of the parachute rope and loop the ends to the ends of the rope attached to the ball.

Cut the handles off an old resistance band, to obtain the rubber tubing. Set the tubing aside. Get the handle of the resistant band, remove the black plastic sleeves then put on the ends of the rubber tubing. Now, tie the ends of the resistance band tubing to the ends of the parachute rope by securing it with a plastic strap. Trim the leftover straps. Now, attach the resistance band on the other end of the parachute rope using the same method. Now pull the black plastic sleeves over the plastic strap to hide it.

On the bottom of the resistance tubing, attach a Carabiner then secure it with a plastic strap. Trim the end of the strap. Do the other end of the rubber resistance tubing too. Attach the metal rings on the length of the rubber tubing. This will be used to adjust the length of the rubber resistance band when attaching the speedball. Now, hook one of the rubber resistance band on the floor, then the other one on the ceiling and you are done!

NOTE: Want to use a bigger ball? You can always replace the tennis ball with a volleyball or a basketball.

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