Does Bell Shark Cartilage Really Help Restore Cartilage?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Cartilage is a flexible connective tissue made from collagen, protein, and sugar. Cartilage is found in the nose and ears as well as between knee, hips, shoulders, and finger joints. This connective tissue helps keep movement of the joints fluid and protects the joints from wearing down from constant movement.

However, as we age, cartilage between joints thin out and inevitably wear down. The friction between thinned out joints results in pain and inflammation. This is especially true for people who have a history of joint and bone issues.

Unfortunately—because cartilage has limited growth ability—once the cartilage is damaged or is broken down, healing will take a while.

While doctors and scientists are relentlessly developing different ways to repair damaged cartilage or perfect existing procedures to restore cartilage in the body, certain types of supplements claim to stimulate cartilage growth without invasive surgery at all. One such supplement is the Bell Shark Cartilage supplement.

What is the Bell Shark Cartilage Supplement?

Bell Shark Cartilage supplement is made from the skeletons of sharks as well as other compounds that help restore, repair, and re-grow cartilage in the body. Bell Shark Cartilage supplements help promote healthy joints, aid in normal joint function, and build barrier to protect and nourish connective tissues.

Bell Shark Cartilage supplements are formulated with active, bio-available nutrients that restore and optimize healthy cartilage. The supplements are packed with natural shark chondroitin, a compound that repairs cartilage and joints. By taking Bell Shark Cartilage supplements, the cartilage between joints will maintain its plump, cushy appearance; prevent the breakdown of the joints; and ensure smooth, fluid movements free from pain and discomfort.

What’s more, because the ingredients in the Bell Shark Cartilage supplements are not processed excessively, the efficacy of its active compounds is preserved. Bell Shark Cartilage supplements come in pill form and claim to have no side effects.

Can Shark Cartilage Supplements Really Help Restore Cartilage Health?

Some health experts claim that taking shark cartilage supplements help stimulate cartilage growth or even slow down the breakdown of cartilage between joints in aging patients. Shark cartilage supplements are also commonly marketed as an all-natural treatment for cancer. Although high-quality shark cartilage supplements do contain proteoglycans and glycoproteins—compounds that may help grow new blood vessels or nourish the cartilage—there is no scientific study that proves the benefits of such supplements to restoring cartilage health.

Should You Take Bell Shark Cartilage Supplements?

You could take Bell Shark Cartilage supplements to help maintain cartilage health. However, we recommend talking to your doctors first before taking any type of health supplement. This is especially true if you are already taking other kinds of medication. Certain types of supplements could interact with other types of medication and this could result in adverse symptoms or severe discomfort.

In addition, certain types of cartilage supplements contain high levels of calcium. People with kidney problems or abnormal heart rhythms are advised not to take such supplements. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also discouraged from taking Bell Shark Cartilage supplements.

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