Don’t be Stuck in a Rut: Tips to Improve Your Weight Loss Potentials Right Now

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Losing weight isn’t just about eliminating excess weight. It’s a commitment that you have to stick to until the very end. Unfortunately, weight loss is a never-ending battle for most people. But it doesn’t have to be! In today’s post, we are giving you practical tips to increase your weight loss potentials today:

Working Out on an Empty Stomach

If you think you’ll lose more weight by working out on an empty stomach, think again. When you work out without eating beforehand, you start with very low blood sugar level. When this happens, your energy level is low too. As you exercise, you feel less energized. You don’t pour your heart into every exercise. Eventually, you feel tired 30 minutes into your workout. Instead of eating after working out, eat first before you exercise. Wait for at least an hour after eating to exercise. When you switch your eating routine, you will feel more energized as you exercise.

Tracking Your Food Consumption

Are tracking what you eat? You might think that you’ve been behaving all week but if you don’t track your eating behavior during, holidays, parties, weekends, and vacations, then you’re likely sabotaging your own weight loss goals. You might be consuming more calories than normal on these instances and you end up gaining more weight. Unfortunately, these instances have a much bigger impact on your weight. As such, it’s important to track your food consumption all the time.

Never Skip Breakfast

We’ve said it time and again, breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. It kick-starts the body’s metabolic rate. This is why most people who skip breakfast are prone to obesity. When you skip breakfast, you are more likely to overeat during brunch or lunch. You will end up consuming more calories as opposed to having a full meal first thing in the morning. Also, it’s important to distribute your caloric intake evenly throughout the day. Ideally, you have to eat first as soon as you wake up.

Hidden Calories in Drinks

Some types of drinks contain more calories than two slices of pizza. Artisanal coffee, frappes, juice, sweet teas, and sodas are all loaded with calories. Unfortunately, we tend to discount these drinks as fattening! It does not help that these drinks are bought in large containers. Drinking high-calorie sodas and frappes will boost the blood sugar level. Eventually, your blood sugar level drops, triggering cravings for sweets. This leads to overeating and weight gain!

To boost your weight loss potential, always keep your caloric intake in check. The same thing goes if you tend to indulge in artisanal coffee or sodas every day. Always find better alternatives to high-calorie drinks.

Unchanging Workout Routine

Ever wonder why you don’t lose as much weight as you used to despite getting regular exercise? You might need to change up your routine. When you perform the same routine repeatedly, the body becomes less efficient in burning calories. The intensity of the workout becomes less too. Over time, you’ll have to work extra hard just to stay in shape.

To avoid this, don’t be afraid to introduce new exercises to your old routine. For example, if you’ve been jogging for 30 minutes every other day for six months, switch to swimming instead. When the body has grown accustomed to swimming, use the elliptical trainer and so on.

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