Don’t Forget These Simple Weight Loss Tips to Keep Fit

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Losing or maintaining weight is not rocket science. Keeping the pounds off shouldn’t be hard or complicated. In today’s post, we are listing down practical tips to help you keep the extra pounds off for good:

Stop Obsessing About Scale Weight

Here’s a shocker: the number you see on the scale is not an accurate measure of your fitness. You could weigh 110 pounds and be super slim but if you have a high body fat percentage, you’re not healthy. Instead of obsessively weighing yourself daily, focus on keeping your body fat down. Your scale weight can change throughout the day. Your body fat percentage won’t. If you want to slim down and stay healthy, work out to burn off stored fats in the body.

Keep a Food and Fitness Diary

Some people think a food or fitness diary is silly, but it’s actually a helpful tool that will boost your weight loss efforts. Keeping track of what you eat keeps your appetite in check. By recording all the bites, nibbles and swallow you do throughout the day, you get an idea how much you eat. From there, you can plan a better way to keep your portions in check. You become more mindful of your eating behavior. All these can lead to a healthy, gradual weight loss.

Never Skip Breakfast

Be a firm believer that breakfast is the most important part of the day, especially if you are watching what you eat! Breakfast will kickstart your metabolic rate, causing the body to burn off calories at an optimal rate. And when it does, the body is able to burn more calories throughout the day!

On the other hand, if you skip breakfast, you start getting famished by mid-morning. By the time lunch comes rolling in, you’d be stuffing your face with unhealthy foods to satisfy your hunger. Essentially, you will end up eating more when you don’t take your breakfast. So even if your mornings are very hectic, find a minute or two to grab a bite. Always choose low-calorie, high fiber foods to keep the energy up and stabilize your blood sugar level. Oatmeal, low-glycemic fruits, and lean protein make the best breakfast options.

Mix Up Your Fruits and Veggies Options

Tired of eating an apple to suppress the appetite? Don’t forget to mix things up so you don’t get tired of the same old flavors. There are lots of fruits that make a great alternative to apples, such as oranges, pears, figs and clementines. Watermelon, broccoli, spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes are great options if you’re trying to lose weight too.

Snack Smart

Some people just can’t keep themselves from snacking. This habit won’t keep you from achieving your weight loss goals as long as you choose healthy snacks. For instance, instead of noshing on pretzels or donut, go for fresh fruits or veggies. You can also opt for dried fruits and nuts to keep hunger at bay. Avoid chips, sweet treats and high-calorie drinks. These foods contain unwanted calories, saturated fat, and excessive sugar.

Drink More Water

A study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that people who drink at least 7 glasses of water daily eat 200 fewer calories than those who only drink a glass of water per day. Why? Most dieters mistake thirstiness for hungriness. So instead of satisfying their thirst, they end up eating! Make it a point to drink 8 glasses of water every day or more if you work out regularly.

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