Drunkorexia: the Deadly New Diet Fad

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

There’s a new diet fad in losing weight these days which involves a lot of drinking. Sounds fun? Think again. This may just be a bad way to put you in trouble!

Drunkorexia is a street slang which refers to the process of starving oneself during the day and then binging on drinks later. After you binge on drinking, binging on junk food follows. This diet trend is actually a combination of eating disorders like anorexia along with binge drinking. It deeply affects the physical health of the person which later on develops to an addiction with alcohol.

People who suffer from this condition is called drunkorexics. Most of the time women are affected with this trend as this usually stems from fear of gaining weight from alcohol. Female college students (and sometimes men) may experience drunkorexia. In extreme cases, bulimia and anorexia may be part of this habit in which they make use of alcohol to make vomiting easier. It is also said that this habit helps them manage eating anxieties however not all cases of drunkorexia involves individuals with eating disorders.

Signs and symptoms of being drunkorexic

Binge drinking is usually common among college students. It is defined as the rapid consumption of alcohol in large quantities over a short period of time. Among the many signs of binge drinking include vomiting, irregular breathing, inability to be awakened and confusion.


With this kind of habit, the risks can be life-threatening which can affect your mental, physical and emotional health. Drinking on an empty stomach can get you drunk faster than you think. You may have the tendency to overeat once you are drunk. Losing control can also lead to impulsive actions and binge eating. Purging may also follow after binging on foods and alcohol.

Treatment for drunkorexia

Unfortunately, there’s no specific treatment for this condition as it is not considered to be a medically diagnosable disorder. Because of this, treatment means that one must address their eating disorder and alcoholism. There can also be an underlying mental health disorder that drives both eating disorder and alcohol binging so it is best that an accurate treatment that addresses these conditions must be done.

Abstinence from alcohol and following a healthy meal plan is the best way to do it but it must be done with the right information. Keep in mind that the earlier the intervention is, the better the outcome are. It is also important that there is supervision from physicians and therapists in order for the person to totally remove this habit from his or her life.

Of course, addiction is becoming more of a disease than just a mere condition these days. More and more people are slowly losing their lives because of this. So if you value your life, you need to think about your decisions first. The impact of your choices will not only ruin your life but the lives of those who love you. Most importantly, it is best to seek help immediately. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you need help. There are always people who are willing to help you out if only you reach out to them. So don’t be a victim, there’s always help if you want to change.

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