Easy Exercises for the Obese

Photo credit: Thermenhotel Pulverer / Flickr
Photo credit: Thermenhotel Pulverer / Flickr

The fitness industry is full of spandex-clad hot-bodies jumping, twisting, and dancing in an effort to make you thin.  The problem is, if you are one of the people most in need of an aerobic workout, chances are this type of exercise is more discouraging than helpful.  Obese individuals need safe and easy exercises to increase their health.  Not only will easy exercises for the obese keep fitness safe, it will also help to keep them on track.

Easy Exercises for the Obese – Walking

Walking is one of the best exercises for anyone, and that includes people who are obese.  Ignore the recommendations to walk one mile every day at a brisk rate of walking.  Start slow and work your way up.  If you are obese, chances are you live a relatively sedentary lifestyle.  Beginning a walking regimen of a mile per day may cause injury, aggravation, pain, and reduce your chances of sticking with the program.  Instead, start walking to the mailbox and back, or to the corner of your street and back.  Once that small distance becomes doable, increase the distance gradually.

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