Easy Yoga Exercises to Try While Flying

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Who says you can only do yoga at home? You can do yoga exercises practically anywhere, even when you’re in a commercial flight!

Coming in and out the airport is very stressful, especially when you’ve got several bags to carry and you’re jetlagged. These basic yoga exercises will help soothe frayed nerves, refocus the mind, and let you have the most relaxing flight of your life!

The Shoulder Roll

Painful shoulders are common among travelers, more so to people prone to over-packing for a trip. Once you’re seated, close your eyes and focus your concentration on your shoulders. Inhale long and deeply as you bring your shoulders closer to your ears. Slowly circle them back and then down. Next, circle your neck several times as you inhale and exhale deeply. You will start feeling a renewed sense of calm. Continue with the shoulder roll until knotted muscles from your shoulders begin to relax.

The Head Roll

If your neck is particularly stiff and painful, then this gentle exercise will help loosen the muscles around your neck. Close your eyes, and as you inhale and exhale deeply and slowly, move your head up and down as if you’re nodding and then move your head sideways after. Start moving your head up and down and then left and right sideways until the pain goes away.

The Torso Twist

Stretch out your upper body with this simple exercise. While sitting, make sure your shoulders are positioned squarely. Keep your hand between you and the seat next to you. Hold the right seat arm with your left and right hand and twist your upper body to get a comfortable stretch. Repeat on the opposite side.

Wrist Release

Are your hands feeling a little stiff from carrying all that luggage? Then check out the wrist release yoga exercise.

First, with one hand, press your fingertips to the top of your arm, do three reps on either hands. Then, bend each wrist in the opposite direction by letting your fingertips press towards the inside of your wrist. Maintain the position for several seconds and then release. Do the opposite hand. To finish up, shape your wrist rapidly to release tension and loosen the ligaments.

Lower Back Stretch

As you sit, widen your legs enough so they are hip-distance apart. Note: Don’t widen your legs to a point where it starts to weird out your neighbor. Bend forward carefully and let your whole body relax. Maintain this position for several seconds until pain in the lower back is alleviated.

Double Pigeon Pose

This yoga exercise is great for achy lower back and stiff hips. Bend your left knee and rest your knee, shin and foot on your seat so they are parallel to your pelvis. Slowly bend your right knee and place it on top of your knees, shins, and ankles. Your legs should be the shape of a triangle. Maintain this position for five to seven breaths until you start feeling the stiff muscles around your lower back and hips begin to loosen.

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