Eating Slowly: Can it Really Help You Lose Weight?

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

When it comes to dropping the extra weight, there are so many diet fads, pills and strategies you can use to boost your weight loss effort. But you don’t have to go through all that trouble to slim down. Sticking to the “Wait Diet” just might be the thing you need to win the battle against the bulge!

The wait diet simply refers to eating slowly. According to health experts, one of the reasons why Europeans are slimmer than American eaters is that the former take their time when they eat. Wolfing down your food in five seconds flat is literally causing you to consume more calories.

How Eating Slowly Can Help You Lose Weight

Give the Brain Time to Feel Full

During mealtime, the brain takes about 20 minutes to signal satiety. Now, if you’ve polished your plate within ten seconds, you just took in more calories!

A study by the University of Rhode Island researchers found that eating slowly gives the brain more time to adjust the leptin and ghrelin level in the body, allowing the body to achieve satiety. Leptin and ghrelin are satiety and hunger hormones, respectively. They are released by the brain before and during meal time to regulate the amount of food the body take in.

Eating slowly gives the brain enough time to release the right hormone. The University of Rhode Island researchers found that women who ate slowly took in 10% fewer calories than those who polished their plate in ten minutes,

Enjoy the Flavors

Let’s face it, you’re not doing a lot of tasting when you’re shoving down food in your mouth too quickly. And when you eat too fast, you’re not giving yourself enough time to taste and appreciate the flavors of the food you’re eating. At the end of the meal, you are disappointed because the food’s gone and you’re still famished. You end up feeling dissatisfied and this can cause you to crave for more food later in the day.

Eating slowly and chewing your food carefully allows you enjoy mealtime and this helps improve satiety. When you pay close attention to what you are eating, you are more likely to hold off the second serving.

Mindful Eating

Eating slowly helps keep track of the amount of food you eat. That’s because you’re not mindlessly shoving food into your face. Chewing food slowly and appreciating the flavors are great strategies to keeping the appetite in check.

How to Eat Slowly

Eating slowly comes naturally to some but for others, they need to train themselves to eat at a slower pace. Below are tips and tricks to help you slow down during mealtimes:

Drink Water Between Bites

Instead of continuously munching on your food, take sips of water in between bites. This habit will slow you down while making yourself feel fuller faster.

Focus on the Food

Distractions are fattening so put the remote or your mobile phone down and focus on eating. When you pay close attention to the food in front of you, you are less likely to lose track of your calorie consumption.

Chew Slowly

This is a no-brainer. To eat slowly, you have to chew slowly. If you’re having trouble chewing your food slowly, we recommend allotting a certain number of chews before swallowing. For example, remind yourself to chew your food at least 7 times before gulping it down.

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