Ectomorph: Definition and the Best Training for Your Body Type

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Ectomorph refers to a body type characterized by a skinny, tall frame, longer limbs, and small bones. Those who belong to this body type have very little body fat and muscles. Other defining characteristics of this group is a linear frame, small buttocks, and chest as well as fast metabolic rate leading to difficulty in gaining weight or muscle mass.

Most models and some Hollywood celebrities have this body type. Although their built is fragile, some athletes have this body type as well. Usually, supermodels and ballerinas fall into this group.

Common Issues with Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorphs are naturally skinny. And because they have below-average body fat and muscles, bulking up is extremely hard. Female ectomorphs are often flat-chested or have boyish body frame. On the other hand, male ectomorphs are lanky. They cannot increase their muscle mass very well.

For most ectomorphs, training the body requires more work than usual. The fast metabolic rate coupled with very little muscles and body fat make it difficult to tone the body. But gaining muscles when you’re an ectomorph is not impossible. If Brad Pitt can do it, so can you. During his early modeling days, Brad Pitt’s body is ectomorphic. But hard training and special diet transformed his body. The same thing can be said to Kate Moss. Over the years, her body became less ectomorphic.

The Best Workout for Ectomorphs

Cardio Exercises

When it comes to fitness, ectomorphs have to focus more on building muscles before toning said muscles. Most fitness experts believe that a good amount of cardio is important to build a stronger, more muscular frame. Sure, cardio won’t add substantial muscle mass but it can improve health and endurance. These things are important once you intensify your training.

Start with a 30-minute cardio three times per week. Keep the pace slow to moderate. Don’t exceed the amount of time you dedicate for cardio. Doing so could cause you to lose weight! You can do circuit training or jogging to start. Any kind of cardio will do.

Strength Training

Once you are able to build endurance and stamina then it’s time to shift gears. Strength training boosts muscle mass and develops muscle definition. If you want a muscular, ripped physique then strength training is a must!

We recommend simple variations of push-up or pull-up routine coupled with heavy compound movements. Also, minimize the isolation movements in every muscle group. Because strength training burns a lot of calories, we suggest adopting a 3-day split and optional shock technique day to add supersets. The initial exercise for every muscle group will have a pyramid rep scheme.

Rest time is important in building muscles. You want to keep rest time between exercises for 2 to 3 minutes. As for rest time from training, keep it spread throughout the rest of the week. Make sure to dedicate at least one day of rest in between the last day of lifting and the optional superset training.

Finally, focus on the abdominal muscles too. Finish every workout with abs exercises. Do two high rep ab days and one low rep ab days with weight to achieve the best results.

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