Epilation Tips for Flawless Results

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

An epilator is a hair removal device that features tiny tweezers that pull the hair follicles from the roots, leaving the treated area bare. Epilating is perfect for people who does not want to shave every day. Of course, pulling the hair roots and all is quite painful. If you are epilating for the first time, we recommend popping a painkiller 30 minutes before the session to manage pain. Below are other tips to consider to achieve flawless epilation:

Before Epilating

Use a Good Epilator

Epilators are not created equal, some work better than others. Cheaper epilators are not as efficient when it comes to hair removal because they tend to use too much force that causes hair breakage. In addition, cheaper epilators make epilating agonizing! Make sure your epilator can pull tiny hairs efficiently.

Proper Hair Length

Epilators do not work well on longer hair strands. Ideally, you want to epilate a few days after shaving, just as the hairs are starting to grow back. Do not epilate if you waited too long in between sessions or you’d be disappointed with the results.


Ingrown hair is one of the most common issues you will come across when you epilate. As the name implies, ingrown hair is caused by hair that grows inward on itself rather than vertically. Blocked pores cause ingrown hair. To prevent ingrown hair, you need to exfoliate the treated area several days before epilating. This way, dead skin cells will not block the pores, causing ingrown hair.

Wet Epilation Tips

Open Up the Pores

If you are epilating on wet skin, you have to prep your skin before the actual hair removal. Prepping the skin opens up the pores, making epilating less painful. Take a warm bath for at least 5 minutes before you epilate to relax the skin and open up the pores. Submerge the area you will treat in warm water thoroughly for best results.

Do Not Use Corded Epilators

Most epilators can be used wet or dry. If the epilator is corded, it means you should not use it in the shower. Corded epilators are more powerful than their hand-held counterparts but they are not ideal for wet use.

Lather Up

To help lift the hair up and make epilating easier, we recommend applying a small amount of foaming shower gel on the affected area. Lather up and run the epilator over the skin. The lather will make it easier to pull the hairs, even tiny ones. A foaming shower gel allows the epilator to glide over the skin smoothly!

Dry Epilation Tips

A Warm Bath

Epilating dry skin is more efficient because water is not weighing the hair down, allowing for easy hair removal. However, dry epilating can be painful so it is not recommended for beginners. If you are epilating your skin dry, step into the shower for a 10-minute warm shower. Again, the warm temp will open up the pores, making epilation easier and less painful.

Do Not Apply Moisturizer

When epilating on dry skin, leave the skin free from any products, including moisturizers or creams. These products will only make the hair follicles slippery. To make the epilator glide on the skin smoothly, apply a little talcum powder on the affected area and epilate while standing up.

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