Everything You Need to Know About Osteopathic Prolotherapy

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Osteopathy is a type of alternative medicine based on the concept that the body is able to defend and heal itself without using drugs and other medications. It is the understanding of the body’s anatomy, physiology, structure, function, and dynamic biomechanical inter-relations to diagnose and treat diseases. Instead of reducing the symptoms, this osteopathy treats the root cause of the disease.

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a type of non-invasive, osteopathic treatment that can strengthen and rebuild muscles and joints. This is a regenerative injection therapy that can stimulate the healing, growth and stability on damaged tissues. It’s often used to treat osteoarthritis.

Inflammatory disorders like osteoarthritis are caused by inflamed and damaged tendons, joints and ligaments. Ligaments are bands of tissues that connect bone to bone. They are found alongside joints and tendons. Tendons are bands of tissues that attach the muscles to the bones. When the ligaments and tendons become weakened, the surrounding muscle nerves become inflamed. This causes crippling pain and inflamed muscles, the hallmarks of osteoarthritis. Prolonged weakness of the ligaments and tendons will lead to achy, swollen and stiff joints and sore muscles.

Healing the Ligaments through Bones and Muscles

The bones and muscles play a critical role in the healing of tendons and ligaments. Unlike tendons and ligaments, bones and muscles have an excellent blood supply. As such, they can stimulate the healing of ligaments and tendons. Prolotherapy works by injecting proliferant solution on weakened ligaments and joints. The shots will stimulate blood flow, triggering response for repair and re-strengthening.

The Likely Candidates for Prolotherapy

This treatment is meant for people who suffer from acute, chronic and recurring pain. It’s best for pain that no longer responds to medication, rest, strength training or physical therapy. This treatment is best for individuals with severely damaged ligaments and tendons. Unlike pain relievers or corticosteroids, prolotherapy does not mask the pain or reduce the symptoms. It will stimulate and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. It will strengthen the tissues and muscles to alleviate pain and inflammation.

What to Expect Before, During and After Prolotherapy?

Before going through the treatment, a qualified practitioner will assess your health history, and symptoms. Activities and method of injury will be reviewed as well. You will complete a physical exam to determine which parts of the body hurts and why. After the tests are completed, the physician will present a suggested treatment plan for you to review.

After going ahead with the treatment, you will get injected with the proliferant solution directly on the affected area. A local anesthetic will be administered to ease the discomforts of the proliferant injections.

Don’t expect to see results right away. It will take several shots before you start feeling less pain on the affected area.

The standard course of prolotherapy is 5 to 8 sessions spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart. If there is no change in your condition after the fourth visit, you will go through another round of physical exams to re-adjust your prolotherapy plan. If say, you felt instant relief from pain, you’ll have to return for two more visits to optimize the results of prolotherapy.

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