Exercises to Increase Grip Strength

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Certain types of exercises require grip strength to perform the full range of motion. And you are only as strong as your grip. Increasing your grip is a crucial aspect of fitness. These time-proven exercises will help you achieve powerful grip:

Thick Bar Training

Achieving powerful grip starts by increasing the bar thickness. The larger surface area demands more effort from the hands and forearms. A great way to train for thick bars is wrapping a barbell with a towel to make it thicker. When the barbell’s handle is thicker, it’s harder to grip. Pull-ups and bench presses are also excellent methods in developing grip strength. Swapping skinny parallel bars for thicker ones may help achieve monstrous grips too!

Bar Hangs

Bar hangs are so simple, most of us have done these hundreds of times in the playground. But this exercise is one of the best ways to achieve powerful grip. That’s because hanging from a bar means the fingers are supporting the body’s entire weight. And this demands powerful gripping action. Bar hangs also activate the arms, shoulders, back and the core. The movement may look simple, but it engages the entire upper body, building raw power. If you’re up for a challenge, do one-hand bar hang!

Negative Muscle Up

A muscle up is similar to a pull-up. You pull as high as you can to the bar and then extend your triceps as you press the upper body over the bar. The palms should be faced down on the bar. The bar should be around waist height. From this position, lower yourself down into a hanging position as slowly as you can. By keeping the movement slow and deliberate, you develop a strong grip. The movement will also engage the arms, shoulders and chest.

Throughout the exercise, squeeze the bar and pull in your abdominal muscles. The legs, which are straight, will act as the counterweight to your body. Negative muscle up is all about manipulating the leverage. Also, you don’t need to perform this exercise by reps. You want to focus on the movement rather than the repetition. Just make sure to lower the body slowly around the bar. It’s harder than you think!

Finger Tip Push Up

Grip training requires a lot of squeezing and grabbing. But it’s just as important to counter these movement to achieve powerful grip. Just like how planking engages the core and abdominals, fingertip pushups will engage the extensors. The extensors are the muscles that open the fingers. This exercise will also strengthen the hand’s connective tissues and tendons.

And when combined with other grip training exercises mentioned above, finger pushups will help you develop incredibly strong hands and forearms.

Performing a finger push up is similar to a traditional push-up. But instead of pressing your palms down the surface area, you use your fingertips. The full range of motion demands control otherwise you might be injured in the process. This routine is definitely not for beginners but once you get the hang of it, you will develop powerful grip wrought from iron.

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