Factors to Consider Before Dyeing the Eyebrows and Lashes

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Your lashes and eyebrows match your natural hair color. But for those who love to change their hair color, the eyebrows and eyelashes should be tinted to match the dyed hair. Also, if you are naturally blond, then your eyelashes and eyebrows would be so white, they’re almost invisible. That’s why eyebrow and lash tinting is so popular. It allows beauty junkies to mix and match their hair color with their brows and lashes. The procedure takes hair coloring to a whole new level.

How Does Brow and Lash Dyeing Works?

The eyebrows and lashes are prepped with a hydrating conditioner before applying the dye. For lash dyeing, a small piece of cardboard is laid under the closed eyes. The esthetician will get a cotton swab dipped in semi-permanent dye and gently coat the lashes with it. The dye is made from vegetable-based ingredients. The tint is left on the eyelashes for about 15 minutes before being rinsed out with mild soap and water.

As for the brows, the perimeters of the eyebrows will be protected with adhesive so the dye will not run beyond where it’s needed. Then, a cotton swab dipped in the vegetable-based dye will coat the brows with color. The tint is left to dry on the brows for at least 15 minutes before being rinsed out with mild soap and water. The tint will last for a month or two and has an average cost $20.

Advantages of Brow and Lash Dyeing

Makes Lashes and Brows Appear Thicker, Fuller

If you’re blond then you may have extremely light to almost invisible lashes and brows. The tint will improve the thickness and fullness of the brows and lashes. Of course, the result is temporary. You will have to get touch-ups to retain the overall appearance of your lashes and brows.

Matching Hair Color with Brows and Lashes

If say, you’re a brunette and you want to go platinum blond, your eyelashes and eyebrows will not betray your real hair color if you tint them! Dyeing the brows and lashes are perfect for individuals who want to match their current hair color to their lashes and brows. If you have grays sprouting on the brows, you can cover them up with a brow tint!

Simplifies Your Beauty Routine

If you used to tint your brows and lashes with brow mascara, lash mascara, and other products to darken or lighten them, tinting will eliminate this step. It simplifies your beauty routine because you use fewer products.

Disadvantages of Brow and Lash Tinting

It’s Pricy

$20 doesn’t sound much but if you are getting the procedure each month, then brow and lash tinting can turn to one expensive habit. Sure, you can always apply the tint on your own but that’s a messy and inconvenient affair. Worse, some brow and lash dye contain harsh chemicals that can lead to serious complications, including severe irritation, chemical burns, and temporary blindness.

It’s Not 100% Safe

Some people could be sensitive to dyes, even vegetable-based ones. There were reports of a woman who had her lashes tinted only to leave with eyes that “looked like they were bleeding.” This was caused by blood vessels in the eyes being broken to a point where there were no white left on the eyeballs. Some DIY brow and lash tint contain coal and tar, making it a health hazard.

It’s Not FDA Approved

This is something worth thinking about before having the eyebrows and eyelashes tinted: The FDA does not approve any dyes for the purpose of eyebrow and eyelash tinting. Not even the “safe” vegetable-based dyes. The FDA warns that these products could cause irritation and blindness if the dyes come in contact with the eye.

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