Fast Facts About Cool Sculpting

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Cool Sculpting is a body contour treatment that utilizes cryolipolysis technology to reduce fatty folds. Essentially, the treatment applies a cooling mechanism (near 4 Celsius to about 0 degrees Celsius) on targeted areas of the body to destroy fat cells without damaging the skin.

This body contour treatment is proven safe and effective in flattening excess fat on targeted areas of the body including love handles, pooch or lower belly fat and thigh bulges. This treatment is not meant to slim down broad areas of the body. Curious about CoolSculpting? We’ve put together amazing facts about this revolutionary treatment:

No Downtime

Because CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure, there is no recovery period. This means as soon as the treatment is done, you can go back to your normal, day to day activities. Sure, the affected area will feel sore after treatment but inflammation should go down within a few hours.

Straightforward Procedure

The procedure is very straightforward and fast. A medical professional will assess the parts of the body that require treatment. A protective gel pad is applied and then excess fat is pinched into a CoolSculpting applicator. Then, the targeted area becomes numb due to the cold. After 60 minutes, the affected area is massaged by the medical professional until the lumpy texture of the skin disappears.

Although CoolSculpting is marketed as a one-hour treatment, most treatments last for two hours. The smaller the treated area is, the shorter the treatment. If you’re getting every side of your love handles done, then you can expect the treatment to last for 2 hours.

Minor Side Effects

The side effects are not as bothersome as other body contouring treatments. Apart from minor soreness, bruising, inflammation and occasional skin sensitivity, patients report pins and needles sensation that lasts for several days.

Gradual Fat Loss

Generally, you can expect to lose about 20% to 25% fat in the treated area. Fat loss will be gradual, not instantaneous. You will see noticeable results within 3 months, but others saw results within just a few short weeks. However, those who gained weight during the treatment will not see any remarkable results. To achieve the desired result, you still need to watch what you eat and perform light exercises daily.

It’s not 100% Pain-Free

CoolSculpting is not 100% pain-free despite the minimal side effects. The first few minutes into the treatment is the most uncomfortable. The vacuum grabs the fatty skin before subjecting it to intense cold. For some, the sucking motion can be uncomfortable.

May Require Liposuction

There are cases wherein the fat is so thick in the treated area that the vacuum head is unable to work properly. During these cases, liposuction is recommended. Traditional liposuction sucks the fat out of the body using a long needle-like tool. Liposuction will remove the excess fat while deflating the treated area for contouring.

After recovering from liposuction, the treated area is now ready for CoolSculpting. Sometimes, the suctioned area requires several contouring treatments to achieve a smoother silhouette. Usually, the time between CoolSculpting and liposuction spans four to six months.

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