Finding the Most Flattering Red Hair Color for Every Skin Tone

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Red hair is hard to pull off when you have it in the wrong color. The same red tone that looks good on Emma Stone might not look good on Eva Mendez. That’s because these celebrities have different eye and skin color. Natural redheads tend to have extremely pale or pinkish skin tones.  Women with medium, dark or olive skin have yellow or coral undertones.

To find your most flattering red, you have to consider three things: your natural hair color, your eye color, and your skin tone.

To know your skin’s undertone: look under your wrist. If the veins are blue, you are cool toned. If the veins are green, you are warm toned. Those with cool tones will look great in golden reds, orange reds, bright red and warm-toned reds. Those with warm undertones will look better on deeper reds, auburn, and other cool-toned reds.

Your eye color plays a critical role in determining the most flattering reds for your hair. Blue-eyed individuals look better with copper-toned hair. Those with hazel eyes can go for medium reds while those with brown eyes look best with dark reds.

For Fair-Skin: Bright Reds

Pale skin and red hair go well together like ice cream and brownies. If you’ve got porcelain skin, dark red will look stark and fake. Opt for a vibrant, carrot-colored red. Usually, carrot-colored hair is not flattering but it will work well with a super pale skin. This hair color will light up the complexion, making your features stand out.

If you’re apprehensive about carrot-red, opt for medium auburn like Julianne Moore’s. Unlike carrot red, medium red will flatter both cool and warm toned women. If you’ve got yellow skin tone, you’ll look best with a soft ginger shade like Emma Stone. This is a muted red that will soften your features.

Finally, you can also opt for honey colored reds especially if you have blue eyes. The color will make your baby blues stand out even more!

For Medium-Skin: Golden and Copper Reds

For those with medium skin tone, golden reds are the safest bet. A golden red hue is perfect for medium-skinned women with golden olive undertones. Other flattering reds include rich copper, dark reds, and scarlet. For women with medium complexion and naturally brunette tresses, mix golden Chestnut red with copper highlights. The overall look is flattering and subtle.

If your complexion is too dark for red hair color, opt for colors with a tonal variation on the roots then down the length of the hair. This way, the hair color will blend seamlessly with your skin tone.

Dark Skin: Berry and Wine Reds

Don’t think darker skin tones and reds don’t mix. The general rule is, the darker the skin color, the deeper blue-red you should go. Orange or warm reds will never match with dark complexions. Go for darker shades of red like berry or wine. These colors will bring out the duskiness of the skin ala Rihanna! We also recommend violet-based reds.

And just like medium-skinned women, keep the roots darker. You want tonal variation to make the overall look seamless, flattering and natural.

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