FitBit Aria: Can it Really Help You Lose Weight?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Fitbit Aria is a type of Wi-Fi enabled scale that tracks a user’s weight, body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage. The weighing scale works in conjunction with a “Fitbit tracker” or a smart watch called Fitbit Surge.

The Fitbit Aria can track a maximum of 8 users at a time and provide updated information to through Wi-Fi. The information is also synced via Fit bit’s mobile app and added to the user’s Fitbit online profile. Essentially, Fitbit Aria is an iPhone of all bathroom scales. The unit comes with nifty features that allow a user to control his or her weight.

How Fitbit Aria Promotes Weight Loss

Fitbit Aria promotes weight loss by encouraging users to eat well and get regular exercise. Essentially, the smart weighing scale will track your weight loss progress, recording every development and posting it online. The weighing scale does more than give a read out of your weight. It’s a complete system that will help users lead a healthy lifestyle.

Setting Up the Fitbit Aria

To set up the unit, you have to complete your online profile first. This is the only way to use the scale. Go online to sign up at All you have to do is fill the right field with your personal information such as weight, age, and height.

After setting up your Fitbit profile, the weight tracking starts by logging in all the food you ate and the activities you did for the day. As you can see, the system does not offer any special diet or workout to lose weight. It just tracks your lifestyle. The profile is set to private by default, but a user can share his data online by joining the Fitbit support network. The network allows Fitbit users to share information about their progress to other members.

Setting and Reaching Goals

The system allows you to set your goals and targets. The app features calorie-tracking, taking the guesswork out of monitoring your calorie intake. This feature is key towards the system’s weight loss benefits.

If a goal is reached, the system motivates the user to hit even more targets by issuing badges. A chart will record a user’s progress and this also boosts the user’s weight loss potentials.

After signing up for a profile and joining the network, download the software. The scale will automatically connect the user to the home network.

Scale Features

The Aria scale features a sleek design with a glossy glass top, a digital display, and a curved base. The unit is activated once the user steps on top of it. The scale can recognize the user, even if it’s tracking multiple users at the same time.

The display will feature the user’s initial weight and BMI. The information will be sent automatically to the user’s Fitbit profile. If the user has downloaded a Fitbit iPhone app, the information will be updated automatically too.

Can the Fitbit Aria Help You Lose Weight?

The system isn’t strictly about making users lose weight but encourages users to manage their weight through balanced diet and exercise. It won’t work if the user is not motivated enough to watch what he eat. If the user is not committed to controlling his weight, then not even a hi-tech bathroom scale can change that. However, if the user wants to make better lifestyle choices to boost his weight loss potentials, then the Aria weighing scale makes an excellent addition to his weight loss program.

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