Fitness Mistakes that Limit Muscle Gains

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Did you know that some fitness habits might limit muscle gains? If you’re a hard-gainer then it’s crucial to pay close attention to certain fitness mistakes so you don’t waste time and effort as you develop your body. In today’s post, we are listing down some of the most common workout mistakes you have to avoid if you’re after gaining mass:

Excessive Weight Training or Cardio Workout

On its own, weight training is an excellent fat-blaster. It will engage the muscles while speeding up the metabolic rate. And the more calories you burn, the leaner the muscles will develop. This is the reason why cardio workout is essential in building a lean frame and improving your overall cardiovascular health.

However, excessive weight training could also lead to limited mass gains. It puts the body on a constant calorie deficit so the muscles do not grow as large as they should. Too much cardio can also slow down the body’s recovery rate and even trigger the release of the stress hormone cortisol. These processes could disrupt muscle growth. So keep your workout balanced, shoot for 2 to 3 cardio sessions per week, instead of daily cardio workout. Also, try to keep the sessions short to 20 minutes or less.

Repetitive Workout

Say, you’ve been sticking to your routine for months and you’re still not gaining enough muscles, what could you be doing wrong? The culprit could be your repetitive workout. Ever wonder why a fitness routine works so well for the first few weeks but progress slows down eventually?

The body needs new, constant stimuli to keep moving and developing. When you stick to a repetitive workout, it will cause your progress to slow down to a screeching halt. To achieve mass and definition, the muscle requires new challenges and plenty of stimulation. If you’ve become too comfortable with a certain workout, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Limited Beneficial Fat

Did you know beneficial fat is instrumental in gaining muscle mass? All types of healthy fats – such as omega-3 fatty acid, monounsaturated fats and low amounts of saturated fats – boost muscle gains. For instance, red meat, which contains saturated fat, is high in creatine. Creatine, which is a combination of two amino acids – glycine and arginine – supply energy to muscle cells. Oily fish, – such as salmon and herring – are packed with omega-3 fatty acid. This beneficial fat protects from inflammation and assists in muscle development. To keep your diet balanced, 20% of your overall caloric intake should be from healthy sources of fats.

Resting Too Long Between Sets

Resting too long between sets could disrupt the body’s momentum in building muscles. The longer you rest, the lesser the chances of boosting mass. To learn the ideal resting period between sets, you can ask your trainer or a fitness expert. Generally, you only need to rest for several seconds between sets, not minutes. Try to get 30 to 90-second rest interval between exercises if you are targeting the same muscle group.

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