Flames Fitness: Revolutionizing Personalized Fitness?

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Flames Fitness is an Australian-based fitness service that provides personal fitness and coaching. Unlike the usual gym set up, Flames Fitness will match a client with a fitness instructor. The fitness instructor will assess the client’s fitness and dietary needs to achieve his weight loss goal. Throughout the program, the client will go through intense fitness routines and training sessions to trim, sculpt and refine the whole body. Flames Fitness also offer specialized rehabilitation services for patients who are injured or those recovering from surgery.

What is Flames Fitness Training?

The training is a combination of weight training, cardio workout, and strength training. Experienced fitness instructor will help every client achieve his or her fitness goals using techniques that are unlike those applied in a conventional gym. The objective of the training is to improve a person’s flexibility, strength, nutrition and cardiovascular health.

The Flames training is broken down into five different categories: flexibility, cardiovascular training, nutrition, resistance training and rehabilitation:


Stretching and flexibility exercises help prevent the formation of scar tissues that can affect mobility. Scar tissues also increase a person’s risk of sustaining injuries. As such, flexibility is critical in a person’s daily routine.

Cardiovascular Training

This training features various cardio workouts. It is designed to strengthen the heart and the lungs. Flames Fitness features aerobic and anaerobic exercises such as jogging, sprinting and rowing.


The program requires every client to eat 5 balanced meals every day. Each meal must have a serving of fresh fruits and vegetables to support the development and prevent diseases.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is meant to facilitate muscle growth and achieve a defined physique. This program aims to slow down the aging process of the muscles and condition the bones.


Flames Fitness also offer customized rehabilitation programs for injured clients. The program is meant to alleviate back pain, assist in healing spinal injuries as well as shoulder problems. It is the ideal program for clients who are injured or recovering from a certain procedure.

Does Flames Fitness Revolutionizes Personalize Fitness?

To a certain extent, yes, the service does provide a more personalized approach to fitness. Every routine is customized according to a client’s physique, needs, and preferences. The training helps promote an active lifestyle and better nutrition. Teaming up with a professional fitness instructor also helps encourage people into sticking to the program until the end.

That said, Flames Fitness is no different from other gyms that offer similar services. Most gyms also match clients with fitness instructors to help them stay in shape. The Flames program shines in providing “extra guidance” to customers. This makes the training ideal for people who are working out for the first time. With the help of a qualified trainer, a newbie will be more comfortable exercising and working the gym equipment.

Essentially, the service is all about making fitness less daunting to inexperienced individuals. Other than the extra guidance, Flames Fitness offers similar services than your local gym could be offering too.

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