Food Combination Tips to Avoid Indigestion

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Did you know that combining certain types of foods could cause painful stomach cramps, heartburn, bloating, gas, headaches, and other discomforts? If you are tired of dealing with yet another bout of indigestion, we highly recommend re-thinking your daily meals and snacks.

The fact is, some types of foods are harder to digest than others. They require special enzymes to be broken down completely. Bad combination of food causes indigestion because of the conflicting enzymes secreted by the body. To ease digestive discomforts and banish indigestion, we are giving you tips for better food combination:

Never Combine Fruits with Other Foods

When was the last time you ate a fruit as dessert? One of the reasons why indigestion occurs is that fruit is combined with slow-burning foods. Any type of fruit burns faster than say, carbs or protein. When it is broken down, the acidity level of the body increases. When you combine fruits with other foods, the increased acidity in the body interferes with the digestion process. This causes fermentation in the lower intestines, leading to smelly farts, bloating, and gas.

Do not Eat Protein with Starches

Do you enjoy eating your meats with your favorite carbs, like rice, bread, potatoes, or pasta? This is one habit that’s causing you indigestion! Starches and protein do not mix because the former requires an alkaline environment while the latter requires an acidic environment. Protein and carbs need different digestive enzymes so they are broken down more efficiently. When these enzymes are combined, they tend to neutralize each other’s potency. This leads to fermentation in the lower intestines. So as a general rule, do not eat your proteins with your starches. Do not serve steaks, poultry or fish with bread, rice, or pasta.

Pick One Type of Protein Per Meal

Do not mix your proteins so the digestive system can process food more efficiently. Mixing different proteins require the secretion of different enzymes. This will slow down digestion, leading to fermentation. To ease digestion, do not pair your meats with cheese, nuts, or eggs. In addition, you want to manage your protein intake in a day. For instance, if you had meat during breakfast, you want to avoid meat until dinnertime. This gives the body enough time to digest the protein you had for breakfast.

Do not Drink Fluids while Eating

It might be tempting to follow up every couple of bite with a sip of water but don’t. Sipping any type of liquid while eating will dilute the digestive juices of the stomach. This will dull the digestive system’s ability to process food. If you must drink water, do it 30 minutes before the meal but never during. You can also drink water an hour after the meal.

Never Mix Sugars with Starches

Did you know that sugars aren’t supposed to be mixed with bread? That explains why you feel gassy and bloated after eating a cake or a jelly sandwich! Combining starch with sugars also lead to fermentation of partially digested food in the lower intestines.

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