Food That Makes You Gassy and Bloated

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Ever had that discomfort in your stomach that leaves you feeling bloated after a large meal? How about feeling gassy at all times? If you do it is because your stomach is distended and may be swelling which may be due to how and what you have eaten.

Bloating can be caused by a few reasons. One is overeating or eating more than the usual. Two, you could be eating a lot of fatty foods which leaves you that “stuffed” feeling in an uncomfortable way. Lastly, you might have eaten too fast, too much which resulted into feeling bloated and gassy. Now the solution to this discomfort is easy. If you are eating, try not to eat fast and too much. Eating small portions of food can also ease that bloating feeling. Eat your food slowly and if you love to eat fatty foods, avoid them. Besides doing these, you should also watch the food that you are eating. This way you can avoid that bloated feeling.

Foods that leads to gas and bloating

Keep in mind that digestion takes about 3-4 hours and if the food you eat contains a lot of fat then digestion may be slower. You should also avoid eating the following foods:

Beans and lentils

Since beans and lentils are high in oligosaccharides, it may not be easy to break down. The sugar in beans and lentils need to be broken down in the intestines so they take a while to digest thus leaving you feeling bloated after eating.

Artificial sweeteners

Sorbitol which is found in sweeteners is artificial which cannot be digested easily. Fructose can also be found in food specially the processed ones. This is also difficult to digest which leaves you gassy and bloated after eating.

Gas-forming vegetables and fruits

These are cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots, prunes, cauliflower and apricots which all contain sugars and starches. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and the likes also cause bloating despite being rich in Vitamin C and fiber.  Eating too much of these fruits and vegetables can lead to bloating and gassiness.

Whole grains

They may have healthy benefits but eating whole grains can also give you gas and may leave you bloating. Whole grains are rich in fiber and increased fiber can also cause constipation, bloating and gas. Keep in mind that fiber also absorbs water so if eaten too much can retain water which gives you that bloated feeling. So if you want to eat whole grain, make sure to drink lots of water to help fiber move in your intestines.

Dairy products

Lactose can be difficult to digest at times since it contains milk sugar. When this sugar is left undigested, it causes one to feel bloated and gassy.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are also one of the main drinks you should avoid. The fizz alone can cause one to feel bloated and gassy. It also contains tons of sugar which is difficult to digest, so it is best to avoid them if you don’t want to feel bloated.


Sodium attracts water and causes water retention. Low sodium diet can relieve you from high blood pressure as well as gas and bloating.

So now that you know what to avoid, make sure that you take note of it. Besides, who likes passing gas every now and then anyways? I’m sure you don’t! Keep everything to a minimum and you will surely be free from this condition.

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