Four Highly Effective Exercise Motivation Tips to Help You Build Your Dream Body

Photo credit: Fábio de Albuquerque  / Flickr
Photo credit: Fábio de Albuquerque / Flickr

Give yourself a small reward after each exercise session.

This can be a great motivation for exercise. Your reward doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Something as simple as a low fat cappuccino at the completion of your exercise routine can be very satisfying. It gives you something to look forward to. When you’re exercising hard and burning calories you can imagine how good that cappuccino is going to taste when you’ve completed your workout.

Make yourself accountable to someone.

Designate a friend or family member to serve as your motivational coach. Each day that you successfully complete your workout, give them a call and let them know. This will help you to feel more accountable and it’s a lot less expensive than hiring a personal coach. At the end of the week, let them know whether you successfully reached the previous fitness goals you outlined. This can help to boost your motivation for exercise.

By following these four exercise motivation tips, you should find yourself in a better position to achieve your long term fitness goals and reduce the risk of boredom and exercise burnout. Why not get started defining your long term fitness goals today?

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