Four Natural Treatments for Heartburn

Photo credit:  kisekino01 / Flickr
Photo credit: kisekino01 / Flickr

3. Natural treatment for heartburn: Watch when and what you snack on

Some foods are more likely to exacerbate the symptoms of heartburn. These include onions, tomatoes, and chocolate. Although peppermint may seem to initially relieve the symptoms, it can actually worsen them by lowering the pressure keeping the esophageal flap closed. One spice you may want to add to your food is ginger. It’s known to help aid the digestive process and may have therapeutic benefits for treating heartburn naturally. Try sipping a cup of ginger tea after a large meal. The other key to treating heartburn naturally is to eat smaller meals and avoid eating within two hours of bedtime.

4. Natural treatment for heartburn: Try a little baking soda

A quick, temporary solution for treating heartburn naturally is to add a half teaspoon of baking soda to a cup of water and drink it. It may not be the tastiest preparation but it works.

Uncomplicated heartburn can often be treated naturally without resorting to use of antacids and other medications. Even better, make the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent future encounters with this uncomfortable condition.

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