Freehand Exercises to Tone the Whole Body

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Freehand exercises engage major muscles groups and even internal organs. These workouts boost circulation improve lung functions and strengthen the limbs.

Freehand exercises are comprised of dips on a bench or between chairs, rope climbs and pushups. Squats, sprinting, lying leg curls, calf raises, and headstand pushups are also considered part of free hand exercises. The great thing about free hand workout is you don’t need gym equipment to tone and strengthen the body. You can do any of these exercises right in your own home using your body weight as resistance. In today’s post, we are listing down the best free hand exercises to tone the whole body:


Most people think pushups engage just the upper body, but they don’t. A push-up is a whole body workout that activates all major muscle groups, including the thighs and legs. However, this free hand exercise is best to develop the triceps, the deltoids, and the chest.

The key to a good pushup is the form. The whole body needs to be perfectly aligned. When you push yourself down on the floor and up, try to pull your abdominal muscles. Never lock the elbows so the body weight is not concentrated on the limbs alone.

To increase resistance, you can do incline pushups. Prop your feet on an elevated surface then perform the pushup. Do not use too-steep incline because this could lead to the over-extension of the shoulder joints.

Dips Between Chairs/Bench

This is an excellent workout to engage the whole upper body, including the lower back. Start by taking two stable chairs, placing them shoulder width apart. The backs of the chairs should be parallel to each other. With both hands, grip the chair as you bend the knees. Keep yourself stable as you dip where the upper arms are parallel to the floor. Bring yourself back up between the chairs but do not lock the elbows. This way, the stress is focused on the deltoids and chest. Do at least 20 or 30 dips if you’re a beginner. For advanced bodybuilders, you can do 50 or more.

Headstand Push-Ups

This is an advanced level free hand exercise. It will tone the upper body particularly the shoulders and torso. To perform this workout, your deltoids and triceps should be strong.

To perform the headstand pushup, place the hands at least 5 inches from the wall, wider than shoulder width apart. Keep the hands flat and fingers facing the wall. Now find your balance as you turn your body upside down against the wall. Keep the back arched then slowly lower yourself down. Then, bring yourself up. That’s one rep, do at least 20 reps.

Rowing Between Chairs – Back, Rear Shoulders, Biceps

This freehand exercise will tone the butt, the back, the shoulders, torso and the biceps! Start by placing two chairs about 5 feet apart from each other. Put a broomstick across the back of the chairs. Now, lie on the floor in a prone position between the chairs. Grab the broomstick with an underhand grip as you keep the body straight, heels on the floor. Slowly pull yourself up and then lower yourself back down. That’s one rep. Now do at least 20 reps if you are a beginner. For advanced bodybuilders, do 50 or more.

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