Full Body Workouts vs. Traditional Exercise Machines

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Despite the health and obesity issues plaguing western society, the world is bombarded with images of physical perfection. Be it the cosmetic industry, the fashion industry, or the organic foods industry, people are obsessed with bodily perfection. Unfortunately, few if any are born with inherent characteristics that make them models of athleticism. This does not mean that people are not trying to adopt the same traits and physique that they see in magazines and on television.

The problem arises when people start dieting and working out. Even the most dedicated and motivated individuals can spend months of tireless work and yield little results. It is no secret that the athletes and movie stars that people aspire to look like were not born looking like gods. Even more so, they put years of work into their bodies to achieve the results everyone knows and loves. Sadly, people are starting to find that traditional workouts are not working for them. There are many factors that go into achieving health and fitness, but the one that everyone seems to forget is that workouts are part science and part art.

The first thing people need to realize is that the gym is not necessarily the best place to go if they are just starting an exercise regime. Especially if they are trying to lose weight, the gym is nothing more than a fine sculpting tool in the arsenal of exercises. Historically, the machines that are present in modern gyms were designed for rehabilitation centers. They are designed to work a single muscle group and help individuals rebuild strength in that particular region of the body. Even if someone used every single machine in the gym, they are limiting their results because they are only focusing on one muscle group at a time. If someone is just starting out, it will prove more beneficial to start a full body exercise regime using one’s own body for resistance. Exercises such as burpees utilize a large range of muscle groups that work more parts of the body out in less time.

Those that are just starting out need to constantly change their workout. Using the same exercises repeatedly actually hurts development. It is important to have a balance been strength training and cardiovascular workout routines. However, these should be interchangeable with other workouts. Developing a single exercise plan is not enough. Find new exercises and swap them out every week. Find the exercises that work best and create fitness plans that help refine results. The best fitness plan is one that encompasses diet, cardio, and fitness. At the same time, variety and spontaneity are just as important.

Once the weight has been shed and the core muscles have been developed, it behooves everyone to move on to the traditional exercise machines. At some point in everyone’s athletic career, body resistance exercises no longer work and machines must be utilized to achieve results. Nonetheless, when the exercise regime is still fresh and new, everyone should be concentrating on full body exercises to get past the initial hump stages of exercise.

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