Getting a Tattoo: Fun Facts About Tattooing

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Tattooing is an ancient art of body modification wherein ink is embedded within the dermis of the skin. In some tribes, tattoos are more than just an art form, it’s part of their heritage. Different people get tattoos for different reasons. Thanks to celebrities who are more than happy to flaunt their ink, more people are now receptive to the idea of modifying their bodies in the name of self-expression.

Getting a tattoo for the first time is no doubt an exciting journey. But before you take the plunge, know that tattoos are a permanent life decision that should not be taken lightly.  If you want a tattoo, you need to consider two things: safety and the pattern. You don’t want to deal with corrective tattoos to cover that gigantic Spongebob Squarepants tattoo you got when you were a teen! In today’s post, we are listing down important and interesting facts about tattooing:

It’s Painful

Some people swear getting tattoos feel nothing more than a sting. Even if you have a high tolerance to pain that’s not exactly an accurate description. It’s more like being poked by hot needles 3,000 times per minute. Also, certain areas of the body are more sensitive to pain than others. These areas of the body are usually close to the bones. So getting a tattoo on these areas will hurt more. For example, getting a tattoo on the ribs or shin will hurt more than getting it done on the back or biceps.

Allergic Reaction

There are cases wherein individuals developed skin allergies after being inked. Unfortunately, some people could be allergic to the ink used to create the tattoo. In addition, there are people who developed allergies, scars or even rashes years after getting the tattoo. So it’s important to check if you’re allergic to certain chemicals used in indelible ink.

Temporary Tattoos

If you think temporary tattoos are safer than the real thing, you could be wrong. According to the US Food and Drug Administration or FDA, some types of black henna inks contain para-phenylenediamine or PDD. This chemical causes skin irritation, allergy, and scarring. PDD is often used in hair dyes.

Tattoo Parlor

Regardless if it’s your first or nth tattoo, always have it done by a trusted tattoo artist in a clean and safe tattoo parlor. There were cases wherein dirty tattoo needles led to the contraction of incurable diseases. To be on the safe side, do your research first. You want to check the credentials of your tattoo artist. Check his studio as well. Arming yourself with information is the best defense against botched up tattoos. When you are prepared, you will be at ease once you have the tattoo done.


Just like anything in life, tattoos aren’t impervious to aging. Tattoos will age with you. The tattoos you got in your 20s won’t look the same once you’re pushing 40. As the skin ages, the tattoos fade in color. Most times, the tattoo will look aged, the discoloration will become noticeable. Some texts start blurring over time. Thankfully, you can always have your tattoos retouched.

The Pattern

Your tattoo will be a huge part of who you are. You want to make sure you got the right pattern. If you’re looking for a slightly risky pattern, ask for a little guidance from family, close relatives or even the tattoo artist himself.

Unfortunately, tattoos can affect how others see you. So it’s best to stick to a design that will truly encapsulate who you are as a person.

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