Getting Through The Atkins Induction Phase

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Atkins Diet is a low-carb diet developed by Robert Atkins. He said the diet helped him overcome his own weight issues. The diet is popular because it’s not as restrictive as other fad diets. Also, some health experts believe the Atkins diet could prevent cardiovascular diseases. It may also raise good cholesterol level in the body and prevent bone diseases.

But just like most diet programs, getting through the first week of Atkins diet is a struggle for most people. The key to a successful weight loss program is conditioning the mind. You must have the right mindset before committing to any diet program. Otherwise, you will go back to square one. Planning on adopting the Atkins diet? We are listing down useful survival tips that will get you through the dreaded induction phase:

Start Your Diet on a Weekend

The most challenging period of the Atkins diet is the first two days. This is called the Induction phase. During this period, the body will be adjusting to certain foods and their portions. By starting your diet on a weekend, you won’t be tempted to eat food that are restricted to the Atkins diet.

Set Realistic Weight Goals

The Atkins diet is not a rapid weight loss program. You cannot expect to lose ten pounds in three days. And so, you have to set realistic weight goals. Start by planning your meals and figuring out how you will adjust to your new lifestyle. Give yourself enough time to lose a certain amount of weight.

The Atkins diet makes progresses easier to track. You can use the diet’s weight tracker to monitor your progress online. Each time you weigh yourself, you can key in your weight and the date on the tracker. The tracker will automatically estimate your progress using a graph.

Use the Meal Planner

A critical part of the Atkins diet is planning your meals. The Atkins diet has its own meal planner. The planner contains more than 1,000 recipes. It also offers printable shopping list. It’s hard to resist the temptation of buying unhealthy foods when you’re on a diet. So we recommend doing your grocery on a full stomach. It also helps if you could bring someone with you to give you support.

Once you get home, prep the vegetables and pack them according to your weekly meal plan. By preparing your meals a week ahead, you resist the urge to sneak in unhealthy foods.

Getting Support

A support system is also important to help you survive the induction phase. You want to surround yourself with people who will help you achieve your weight goals. It’s not uncommon to some to team up with friends who are into fitness. If you’re feeling discouraged, don’t be afraid to reach out to those who understand your own frustrations.

Always Read the Labels

If you don’t know how to read the labels, better learn prior to adopting the Atkins diet. Some foods are being marketed as healthier than others. But once you read the labels, you will discover that these foods are no better. By reading the labels, you can gauge the calories of every food item. If the net carbohydrates are not listed on the label, subtract the fiber content in the total carbs.

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